Your hear it getting louder and louder.

You told the crying to end it, but only gets louder.

The sounds os music and crying give you a head-ache.

You can’t take no more, you do the next thing that comes to mind.

Slap! You see a red mark on the face of the crier.

Eye to eye to each other and now there screaming.

One says it ones fault and the others called the other a liar.

Your at neck to neck, until you hear a snap.

The crier falls, you look in non-truth of what happen.

Shake your head and look again. She lies there not moving.

Out the window is night, you must do what you must do.

Cover every inch there is and head back in.

Your back to the wall of what happen, and only smile with a tear.

The crying has stop and it feels good.

Yet, there this other feeling in your heart that won’t go away.

More tears fall, you are now the crier.

The tears of pain, sadness, grief never go away.

You hate what you have become and there is not going back.

How did it ever happen.

The answer is when death comes the tears will fall no matter what

So, cry baby cry. You know what you did…..

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