The end holds nothing, once a land with green grass and blue water.

Now it’s a endless void of nothingness.

You stand alone as you look around, you know you’re the only one that made it.

You call to make sure and only get an echo in return.

Then say the names of your love ones and they don’t answer.

You start to move and almost falls, you remember there once was a hill here.

Everything was still here just not here.

Then for a moment you something in far out distant.

For a moment it looks like a ant, that’s until it calls out to you.

In shock and happiness you run to the person.

Yet it ends short when you the person was not the one.

The person says to: “What have you done?”

Now you know why the world stop, you stop believing that world would live any longer.

One tear falls as you say: “I don’t want this.”

And in return: “It’s to late to change the end.”

The person walks away and your left alone once more to know this was all your fault….

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