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Welcome to where it all began, fellow Babies.

During off-weeks between shows, I plan to share with you all where LONG ROAD TO RUIN began….from the beginning. That means that for a while, you’ll actually be getting four podcasts per month from us – two new episodes, two old ones.

This episode represents an oddity in our series: it’s the only franchise that Mark and I have never actually finished. We resolved to burn through the series in three shows, each covering two movies. We made it through the first two shows just fine, but hit a snag with the finale: Netflix doesn’t instantly stream Rocky V or Rocky Balboa, and money was too tight for me at the time to order either, even on the cheap. So, we skipped ahead to our next planned franchise, and the Rocky finale has been on the back burner ever since. I DO plan on getting to this some time in the next four months, though.

On a more creative note, I was taken immediately with the on-air chemistry Mark and I developed from the word “Go.” We might talk throughout the two weeks between shows about the upcoming episodes, but it’s rarely particularly extense. We chat for about 15 minutes max right before we go live, and then everything that you hear on the show is authentic, off-the-cuff discussion. 

In any case, enjoy the show! 

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