Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 5, Part 3
Season 5, Episode 14
The One Where Everybody Finds Out
Plot Summary-Ross decides to move into Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment which causes Phoebe to catch Monica and Chandler


Funniest Line-“Oh yeah! Oh my God! That is our friend! It’s Naked Ross!”…..Rachel


Nitpick of the episode-Just want to say one thing-it’s about time!


Standout Character-Phoebe, tough choice but that scene where she sees Monica and Chandler is simply one of her funniest of the series


Syndication Edit-Longer teaser, a scene showing naked Ross hanging with Ugly Naked Guy,lots of little gags episode went long


Final Thoughts-What can I possibly say about this? It’s hilarious! We have been waiting half a season for this and the episode did not disappoint. It would have been easy for the “reveal” to be a letdown but it works. I also like the idea or Ross moving across the street, and the Ugly Naked Guy gag had been played so no loss there. This is one of those episodes where every character is clicking and every joke works, and I can’t say enough about it.
Grade=A+,another top 5 episode

Season 5, Episode 15
The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey
Plot Summary-Joey dates a girl with a violent way of expressing herself, Ross offends his whole building, Chandler freaks out about his relationship.


FunniestLine-“I brought you some housewarming gifts. Yeah, salt so your life always hasflavor. Bread, so you never go hungry. And a scented candle for the bathroom,because… well, you know.”….Phoebe


Nitpick of the episode-Oh Ross, what the heck were you thinking? Not enough he refusesto give the $100 (which yes he should have if he cared about his neighbors liking him). Not enough he tries throwing a party for a building who hates him(no one showed? NO!). But then he eats some of the birthday cake????? WTF?????   By the way the girl Joey is dating should be careful what she does could beconsidered assault.


Standout Character-Rachel, for that scene where she kicks the girl who keeps punching her….awesome!


Syndication Edit-Lots of scene extensions


Final Thoughts-First of all the teaser with Ross was great! About time we got a Chandler freak out! You knew they would tease us with a proposal eventually,and here it is. The scene is pretty good here. I love the first scene in the coffee shop with them all together; it makes me realize what has been missing the whole time Chandler and Monica were keeping that secret. Joey’s story is ok but Soleil Moon Frye is really overacting here. The scene where Rachel kicks her a** is a favorite of mine. As for Ross, I already discussed that so I thinkI will leave it at that.


Season 5, Episode 16
The One with the Cop
Plot Summary-Joey is freaked when he has a dream about him with Monica, Ross triesto get a couch up a narrow stairway, Phoebe finds a police badge


Funniest Line-“Oh, come on! What if Martin Luther King had said that? “I kind ofhave a dream … I don’t want to talk about it.”….Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-Yeah Ross really should have paid that delivery charge


Standout Character-Joey, nice to see there is a little more to him


Syndication Edit-Episode went long. There is an extra scene where Rachel pulls the firealarm accidentally and people start evacuating, destroying Ross’s new couch.Phoebe telling Monica and Chandler she ran from the cop.


Final Thoughts-It’s probably around here where my love for this show hit a new high.Season 5 was my favorite season; I used to look forward to Thursday night like a kid looking forward to Christmas. I just loved it.  Take this episode for example; if I told you the act of Ross dragging a couch up a flight of stairs is one of the funniest things ever, would you believe me? Well it is. Joey’s story is important fo rhis character and what could be a silly Phoebe story turns into a small arc forher. Throw in some great Chandler gags and you have a winner.


Grade=B+,lot better than it had to be
Season 5, Episode 17
The One with Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss
Plot Summary-Rachel makes a bad move during an interview, Monica wants to prove she and Chandler are hotter than Phoebe and Gary, Joey wants to meet a girl who lives in Ross’s building.


Funniest Line-“Honey, you’ve got to stop this competitive thing. Just to beat some othercouple you want me to go upstairs and have sex with you over and over and over and… I’m saying no to this why? Let’s go!”…..Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-Give Rachel credit for walking back in there but how did she make that mistake in the first place?


Standout Character-Chandler, for not being the one freaking out for once and what he says to Monica in the end is sweet


Syndication Edit-A great Monica gag was cut which I am not even going to try to describe here, the tag with Monica and Rachel tricking Ross by using cardboard cutouts of themselves (so stupid it has to be seen to be believed).


Final Thoughts-This is a great Rachel episode, how she made that mistake I’ll never know. But her reactions are classic Rachel. The stuff with Joey is kind of pointless, feels like they just wanted to make sure they establish where Ross is now living. It is nice to see Monica freaking out for once, she can be so competitive. Good thing she has Chandler to bring her down to Earth.


Season 5, Episode 18
The One Where Rachel Smokes
Plot Summary-Rachel smokes for work reasons, Joey competes with Ben for a commercial role, Phoebe and Monica plan Rachel’s surprise party


FunniestLine-“Oh, no. My dad’s a doctor and he would always tell me just horror stories… about, uh ghosts and goblins… who…totally supported theprincess’ right to smoke.”…Rachel


Nitpick of the episode-I have had many jobs and can promise you when people take cigarette breaks they do not discuss business. However as a non-smoker I can relate to feeling left out when half the office takes a smoke break without you


Standout Character-Phoebe; love her trumping Monica with the ice


Syndication Edit-There is two extra scenes at the audition, one with Carol, and an extra scene at the party where Chandler is trying to steal a pack of cigarettes. Also a scene with Rachel talking about how she is dealing with quitting.


Final Thoughts-This episode is ok. It is nice to see a Ben appearance; with all the hype his birth got in season 1 you’d think he’d be more than a plot convenience. In Season 7 the creators must have realized that too but I am getting way ahead of myself. The story is silly though. The surprise party stuff feels forced,like they were running out of ideas or something. Even Rachel having to smoke at work doesn’t really go anywhere.


Be back later in the week to conclude Season 5!

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