This Sunday is the Academy Awards once again, where Hollywood honors itself and the amazing films which came out in the last year. The Oscar’s are always the subject of heated discussion. Sometimes people talk about the host, sometimes they talk abouit the fashion,and others discuss the nominees and in many cases Why? Where certain perople nominated when they clear don’t deserve it? sometimes you have to wonder what the academy is thinking with the nominations. Sometimes a personwill get nominated, or even worst win, and it just leaves people scratching their heads. So here are five nominees who were overrated in my opinion, and in some cases they even won!


I decided not to make this a “top” 5 because this is highly subjective. I am sure people will disagree with me and think some belong on here more than others. As always, this is just my opinion. So here are five Academy Award nominees and/or winners I just don’t get!
#5 Working Girl (Best Picture)

I loved this movie to be honest. It was good 80’s fun. That being said, why it was nominated for best picture that year I will never know. The film stars Melanie Griffith as a young woman trying to succeed in New York. It has a good cast but there is nothing remarkable here (except the song which won and deserved to). In fact the whole thing is kind of cliché. The plot is the basic liar revealed story, you have the bitch boss, the quirky best friend, the jerk boyfriend, and so on. It’s watchable but not Oscar material.
#4. Hakuna Matat (Best Original Song, The Lion King)


Was this a bad year for original songs? I love Elton John and the winner that year was my wedding song (Can You Feel the Love Tonight),but what on Earth made them nominate this one? It’s a fun song to sing but Idon’t think it’s a great song compared to other choices that year. Of course three out of the five nominations were from The Lion King so maybe I am wrong.
#3.Kathleen Turner (Best Actress, Peggy Sue Got Married)


Kathleen Turner nominated for best actress. The very concept sounds wrong. I mean was this movie really that good? I thought it was boring as all hell. If you don’t know the plot has Kathleen Turney passing out at herreunion and finding she has traveled back to when she was in high school. It was a cute idea, that’s fair. But even if I accept that it wasn’t a bad movie, it’s still just a silly 80’s comedy. No way it deserves Oscar attention and there is no way Kathleen Turner was that good in it.
#2.Cuba Gooding Jr (Best Supporting Actor, Jerry Maguire)


This one may make me unpopular, but here we go. Jerry Maguire was the Tom Cruise romance with Renee Zelweger. The romantic stuff was really good, including the infamous “You had me at hello” line. The other story line involved Cuba Gooding Jr, and I really don’t get how he got an academy award just for shouting a cathphrase over and over. “Show me the money!!”  Maybe it’s just me, but he annoyed me in the movie and I hated every scene he was in. The worst was at the end when after suffering a concussion and being unconscious, he proceeds to get up and start running around just fine! This wasn’t a bad movie but if I were to praise it Ipromise Cuba Gooding Jr would not be the subject of that praise.
#1. Helen Hunt (Best Actress, As Good as it Gets)


I do like Helen Hunt. She is a good actress and I enjoyed her work on Mad About You and in movies like this one. But why she won for best actress has been a mystery for me. I saw this movie and while I could understand Jack Nicholson winning, Helen Hunt just didn’t do anything remarkablefor me. It was a decent performance but nothing special.  I think the real crime is that she won over Kate Winslet from Titanic, and that to this day makes no sense to me! I may have accepted her being nominated but just don’t feel she deserved to win.
Honorable Mentions:I know many would put Julia Roberts on a list like this, but I actually enjoyed her role in Eric Brockovich. I loved Chicago so no problems there. Shakespere in Love and Crash seem to be on most others lists but I never saw either so will just leave up to you guys to decide if it was a mistake to nominate those (one of which actually won!).


So there you go, enjoy the Acacemy Awards on Sunday and maybe we will come back on Monday and talk about the crazy winners who won, and the people who deserved it that didn’t.

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