have done articles on Nostalgia Critic and AT4W, but today I wanted to talk about my favorite videos period. These are videos are good because the quality just shines through. Everything from the writing to the acting to the comedy and/or drama. I can watch them literally a million times. No I am not exlcluding NC or Linkara from this list. I am excluding the anniversary specials, those belong to a whole other category!

#5.The Review Must Go On

I am putting this high because it just came out this week, but oh my god is this an amazing video! Not just because it signals the return of the Nostalgia Critic either. This video is just fantastic, the mood, the music, it even has genuine laughs. The end was beautiful, even hating Demo Reel I still felt sad when the characters vanished. Doug Walker hit every note I think he had to hit. It’s a shame Demo Reel did not work but I like what they did, connecting it to NC. It means that the Scooby review, TBF, and every episode of Demo Reel make up a major Nostalgia Critic story arc, and I love it! Cannot wait to see what two weeks brings.

#4.Obscurus Lupa Presents-Gooby

I wish I knew what makes me love this review so much. Is it because Iron Liz is a co-reviewer? I love Iron Liz by the way. Is it because the movie is so bad it deserves to be made fun of? Not sure but I enjoy the heck out of this one. Lupa is not one of my favorites because I usually don’t care about what she reviews. She also acts a little to silly at times. But this review is very well done and very funny, the ladies have a great chemistry, and really what more is there to say?

#3.Nostalgia Critic-Revenge of the Commercials

I love pretty much everything NC has done, but these vidoes hold a special place in my heart. I love commercials, especially old one’s that I grew up with, and that’s what this is all about! I also think that some of the best jokes ever came from these three videos. FUCKING BUBBLES!!! What else is there to say? Doug Walker himself said these were a favorite and with good reason.

#2.AT4W-The Electric Tale of Pikachu

I have talked about this before so will keep it brief. It is near impossible to find an episode of this show which is stronger than any other for me. I love this show and I am a huge Linkara fan. But I think in terms of one episode which stood out as something special this would be it. And not because of the review, but because of the story arc. The entity storyline was soooo well done, and the climax was just a beautiful video. Even to the part were Linkara tears up before heading to a doomed battle, before getting his insight which saves the day. I was really into this story and the climax did not disapoint, Don’t think this could ever be topped, just so well done!

#1.Wonder Woman (2011) Review with Linkara, Film Brain, and Nash

If there is a perfect review on the site, than this is it for me. I think this is just one of those reviews that had everything click. If you don’t know this was a crossover from last year regarding the horrible Wonder Woman pilot which thankfully never became a series. I imagine the dropped jaws when this pilot was shown! Film Brain and Linkara are always a great duo, and adding Nash in makes it even better. They did another review this year and it wasn’t quite as good, whatever magic they captured the first time around wasn’t quite there in this year’s. It was still decent though.This review was something special, and I think the thing which makes it amazing isn’t the chemsitry between the guys but what they are reviewing. That pilot was so heinous that it is almost unbelievble! If you never saw this one, check it out!

Well that’s it for me. I watch more internet shows than TV these days and TGWTG is a large part of that. The site has had some ups and downs, but I hope it lasts a long time. Now that Nostalgia Critic is coming back, maybe some of the magic that was lost when he left will return.

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