On this episode of Damn Right Everything Anime & Manga we e are taking a little detour and are heading east to the motherland of our beloved mediums of anime and manga JAPAN!

Today we have a very special guest of honour who joins me on the mic to discuss a wondrous 11 day trip to Japan that happened back in 2009

You may remember this young fellow as the gentleman who defended and clarified the many interesting aspects of the Brony Subculture in the presence of Spill.com podcasters Korey Coleman and Leon on the ACOCO podcast last August *LINK PLUG*

Kimono Joe is his name and everything in geek subculture is his game.

It was a pleasure to share the mic with this humble young man and on this episode he gladly divulges his goings in the anime motherland.

To name just a few things discussed….

Japanese food / landscape, Temples, The manga museum, Wakfu, Otaku Shopping, travelling etiquette, Jiro, traditional hot springs, unpleasant travelling companions and generally some advice for people who may be thinking about going to Japan for the first time….to name a few topics

Joe has also been kind enough to share his youtube picture slideshow

And as mentioned on the podcast Joe is looking for some constructive criticism on his growing artwork so hit him up on his deviant art page below….as well as his other social channels’


Again, thanks for coming aboard Joe, hope to have you on again in future episodes

Dewa mata

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