Alrightee, for our first 2013 episode we will be reviewing the much revered anime 2012 series Sword Art Online

There was a Ri-DONKULOUS amount of hype and buzz all through 2012 for this series and sadly although we also intended to talk about two other titles on this episode, once again Myself (Donwun) & Nuansay go off on a bit of a tangent with our thoughts and feelings about this show taking up all the show time we had (insertsadfacehere)

I think most people can already have a feel for how this review is going to go but hey for some reason Skype itself also decided to become sentient and even give it’s own opinion of the show!?! Wth!?!

Yes people Skype is very much alive and is monitoring all our conversations….and apparently really likes this series……I dunno…I guessed we really pisssed Skype off this tyme!

Well anyway, apologies to ppl with their emails requests, things are pretty hectic in our personal lives atm so the podcast production will suffer….but never fear – we are still alive and kicking and things should hopefully turn around through the progression of the year

So anyhow, here’s our thoughts on SAO – love it or hate it :oP

I like how Nuansay put it “This review is as confused as this series” lol classic!

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