I talked a few weeks ago about shows that we love from the first moment we see them and are hardcore fans from then on. But sometimes thereare shows we learn to love, often just because we discover it late. Then there are the shows that surprise you, the shows you never thought you would like in amillion years and yet here you are a loyal viewer. Here are some examples ofwhat I am talking about.


It’s hard to believe, but when Roseanne came on the show wascontroversial. Roseanne wasn’t the typical sanitized sitcom; she showed whatfamily life was really like. And that rubbed people the wrong way in the 80’s. Plusthe simple fact I had no love for Roseanne Barr anyway. So I didn’t make muchof an effort to watch this show, but when I did I found it pretty funny. Istill remember laughing at the Halloween episode when Roseanne tricks Dan intothinking her mother is visiting, brilliant! However I never really watched it,but as time went on that started to change and by the 5th season Iwas a real fan. The writing was sharp, the jokes were funny, and the storieswere surprisingly relatable.  Of coursethat love ended with the last two seasons, but let’s not go down that roadagain.

Talk Soup

When I think of my years in college this is one of thoseshows that brings back so many memories. Considering I hate trash talk andreality shows there is no real reason for me to like this show, and yet  I did! I missed out on the Greg Kinear years,but I did see the John Henson era. This show was stupid on so many levels, andyet I loved it. The jokes were funny and getting to see these great clips ofshows I would never watch in a million years was great. I gave up on this showpretty much the same time everyone else did, but for a while I loved it. Yes, Iwatch The Soup with Joel McHale and am a fan of it also.


You would think I would embrace this show being a hugeSuperman nut. But I didn’t. I didn’t care about the Dawson Creek-esque show,and the plots were always gross out stuff that I don’t like to watch. The firstepisode I really watched was the one with Christopher Reeve, and it was ok.This show has its flaws, the story lines dragged on forever and the solution tothe problem every week was always really fast. But there were good things hereto. Tom Welling was a strong Clark Kent, I totally bought him as the futureSuperman. Michael Rosenbaum was a very convincing Lex Luthor. And the creatorsreally did respect the Superman franchise, while they gave their own spin toheroes and villains it was still well done. The episode about the JusticeSociety was just beautiful. So I became a fan late, but once I was on board Iloved it. The Clark/Lois stuff worked and I even didn’t mind what they did withGreen Arrow. The final episode was, I will be honest, one of my favoritemoments ever watching TV. When Clark reveals his Superman logo while the JohnWilliams classic music played….the Superman fan inside of me loved it! Isuppose I get why people did not like this show, but I ended up enjoying it.

The Apprentice

I am not into reality TV. Except for the first season Inever watch Survivor (it was on opposite Friends, which do you think I chose?).I have no use for Big Brother, American Idol, Biggest Loser, The Amazing Raceor any of those shows. I just don’t care. Then one day The Apprentice premieredon NBC, and I didn’t care. I watched it because of its timeslot on Thursdaynights. The funny thing though, I liked it! I am not sure why but I was reallyinto this show that first season. I watched the next couple seasons as well,though they were not as good. When the show went to LA for a year that is whenI lost interest and hardly watch the Celebrity versions they still troll out. Iam not sure what the appeal was exactly, the contestants or the suspense ofwondering who would get fired each week, but the concept worked and of coursethe catchphrase “You’re Fired!”. It amazes me today that there wasever a time when I was a fan of Donald Trump.

Trading Spaces

Wow, talk about a show being a mega hit one minute and thengone from the radar the next! If there is one thing I am not into, it’sinterior design. However, my now ex-wife loved this show and she got me hookedon it. The concept was simple; two families would change houses and redesign aroom in each house with a budget of $100 (yeah right). The appeal of the showwas the designers who were always fun, and of course the reveal at the end becauseyou never knew how the families were going to react to what the others had done.Sometimes they loved it, and sometimes they flat out hated it! This show washosted by the adorable Paige Davis and for a time was a monster hit. Then TLCfired Paige, and the audience went with her. It quietly faded away, but itstill amazes me that I would ever find a show on interior design watchable. Whowatches TLC anyway?

The Big Bang Theory

The year was 2009 and for me the sitcom was over. The lastshow I had loved was The King of Queens and that had been off the air for awhile at that point. I was sure I would never discover another new show. Then Icame across The Big Bang Theory one night. I had not given it much attention,not sure why exactly except that I hate the other show Chuck Lorre produces,and I found myself watching it. You know what, it was funny! I also loved thecharacters, especially Sheldon. I fell in love with the show. How much so? Iwanted to see what I had missed over the first three seasons, and sincesyndication was still a few years away, so I went out and bought the DVD’s. Theonly time I have bought DVD’s for a series I had not watched first. I lovedthem, the episodes were funny and the characters clicked. I love how these guysgo to comic store and talk about Star Trek, makes me feel better for likingthese things. True the show has aged especially with the new cast members, butsome episodes this year have been good. I intend to do a sitcom face off onthis, if I ever find a show to compare it to. I even like the Leonard/Pennyrelationship, corny as it is. You know it’s funny, just when I thought I wouldnever like a new sitcom again, one comes along and surprises me.

There you have it, six shows I never expected to love but did anyway.

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