With Demo Reel coming next week and Nostalgia Critic officially done, I thought I would take an opportunity to list my least favorite episodes. Not every episode can be a classic, and either because it was boring, or not funny, or I just disagree with the comments these are ten reviews that I don’t really like.


I know what you’re thinking, “How can I possible hate that? It was awesome, getting to meet all the creators and people who worked on the show”. One problem, I never ever watched the show and couldn’t care less about it. Not saying this was bad, at all, but it does no interest me and remains the one episode I have not sat through.

#9.Top 11 Batman TAS Episodes

Same reason as the previous, I did not watch the show. I will admit that this episode was more interesting, it made want to check out an episode or two, but all in all this one was still boring for me and not a favorite.

#8.Good Son

I give him an A+ for effort, doing the review with no voice must have been a challenge. But it took me awhile to watch this and appreciate it. It’s not the worst, but not the best either. By the way, same goes for Alone in the Dark but even though it took awhile that review had grown me (helped by the fact I know who LInkara and Spoony are).

#7.Baby Geniuses 2/Raides of the Story Arc:Transformers

This is a  tie because I hated them for basically the same reason, The Baby Genius review was brilliant, the way the con was included into the review. Here it just did not work for me. Was critic comatose or not? And did he really says it was better than the first? I am going to be honest, I did not think the final scene with the guys reading Fifty Shades of Gray was funny. Transformers was awful because we got Doug doing Optimus Prime for the whole review. It just killed it, and I admit there was some good stuff in the review but the prime voice for 25 minutes was to much.


Why were these reveiws so boring? There really isn’t much to say about these, it just felt like something was off with NC during both of these.

#5.Masters of the Universe

This review was an early one, and was ruined by one simple thing. The gay jokes ruined it for me. I am not getting into the whole thing about He-Man and whether or not he is gay, I have discussed that, but the constant jokes just ruined the review for me. This was an early effort to I can forgive it.


Scwarzenegger month was kind of lackluster, wasn’t it? As bad as the Conan review was this was almost worst. It doesn’t help when the movie is so boring it gives you nothing to work with. Just a boring episode and the gag with NC throwing up went on to long.

#3.Full House

You have to see this one coming. I agree Full House is a corny show, not argument, but NC really was unfair to  the series. It did have its moments and could be cute and funny. Why else would it be one for eight seasons? This was the last sitcom he would review and I figure that’s more than a coincidence. Maybe he realized reviewing a series was tougher than a movie, because a TV series as hours of episode to watch and you can’t take a random sample of five shows and judge the series as a whole. Also, the first season was especially bad so including that is almost unfar.


If my first exposure to NC had been this review, and his comments on You Can’t Do That on Television, I probably would not have come back. Seriously, this is the one that almost pissed me off. He has a right to his opinion, of course, but man did I disagree with what he said. I think you had to be there when the show was first on, and be the right age like I was, to really appreciate how cool this show was. And yes NC Vanessa is a girl! I always hated that gag. My absolute least favorite episode, but why is it #2?

#1.Bart’s Nightmare

Who am I to disagree with popular opinion? I actually hated this when I first saw it to, I kept skipping through. Truth is though, as boring as it was if you sit through it you find it isn’t all bad. But since Doug himself was upset with the video I decided to make this #1. This is the one and only time I am aware of he admitted a review just did not work, and for the most part it didn’t. It was to long, it was kind of boring, and he didn’t even explain the game really. Nice try, but a big fail.

Well, those were my choices feel free to disagree. Next is an article which will not be a top 10 list, I promise.  🙂

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