Anime & School Life OBSESSION

We change things up a little bit on this episode and steer off the usual review / single title analysis path and focus more on an open discussion episode instead.

The topic you ask………did you miss the headline above? jeez it’s….Anime & School life obsession……to be exact…what is it with anime and the school settings. Whether it’s used as a premise, a excuse, or just an idea…why is it so many anime / manga titles take place in schools.

Is it the about appealing to the masses…is it about the perfect place for unlimited fanservice hijinks, is it about setting easy story boundaries viewers can automatically understand or is it just the perfect theme that fans will never ever get tired of no matter how many times it is used

Well, to discuss the possibilities in greater detail I have kindly requested the help of two fellow Animephiles, Starting with a returning guest……the lovely Angel Otaku!

Next we have a new guest from the realms of AnimeVice and YouTube….Sotyfan16

cracks knuckles

Alrighty….this is quite the meaty podcast folks….and to delve more into the school theme topic we sift thru a bucket-load of quote-unquote “school themed” anime titles….from individual random picks to our best and worst’s

Here is just a few of the titles we discuss on this episode

B Gata H Kei: Yamada`s First Time, School Rumble, Green Green, Happy Lesson, Tenjou Tenge, I My Me Strawberry Eggs, Cat Planet Cuties, Clannad, Ouran High School Host Club, Golden Boy, Tora Dora, Maid-sama and a lot more

 I also want to thank Sotyfan16 for pointing me in the direction of this excellent blog series written by AnimeVice user madpierrot who has had first-hand experience as a teacher in a Japanese school and has written a series of blogs pointing out the fiction in anime schools to the reality in real Japanese schools.

These blogs are fantastic and I highly recommend you read and share them with anybody you may find to have interest with such things

Anime Schools Fact or Fiction 

Part 01: School Uniforms

Part 02: Culture and Sports Festivals

Part 03: Random Fiction

Part 04: Missing In Action

Part 05: Students Living Alone

Part 06: The School Year

Part 07: The School Day and Homeroom

Part 08: It’s all in the details Pt. 1

Part 09: It’s all in the details Pt. 2

Lastly I wanna thank my two gracious guest for joining me on this episode and remember folks you can find them on the following links

Sotyfan16 on: AnimeVice    Youtube    Twitter

Angel Otaku on:    Her Tumblr Website

Both of them are local members of for easy acces to our existing group members

Thanks for tuning in…..Cya on the next one…..PEACEOUT


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