This is the first video done as a member of Manic Expression. A Time of Roses, released in 1969, is the first Finnish scifi movie. In the year 2012 when at least Finland is ruled by sciencists a goverment official is making a documentary about an ordinary woman (1946-1976) and desides to use a living model, a nuclear engineer, to tell her story. But little he knows that the engineer is part of a group trying to make the system fall.

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Les: Hi HedonisticActor. Yeah…2012! FUTURE!….wait..what?….I love the 1960’s and 70s for their amusing looks at the FUUUUUUTURE that we’re currently in. This film looks stylishly 60s alright. Good review, my friend. Small nitpick with your sound editing….it seems to jump up and down between scenes-otherwise the content was excellent. Peace.
BigBlackHatMan: Wow, I am not sure what was going on in this one, but it is not the first scifi movie that had a lot of metaphors that were hard to unravel. Give them credit for effort. Good review.

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