I was very saddened today when I went on my break, and found out that Dick Clark had passed away at the age of 82. Dick Clark is one of those entertainers that even if you never watched a minute of television, you know who he is. My father grew up with him hosting American Bandstand. He always talked about how he would run home to watch the show, and watch he did very intently. American Bandstand was on for over thirty years, and introduced America to legends from Buddy Holly to Madonna. Of course I remember him from his later ventures. There was a time in my life when Monday meant watching Dick Clark, as he hosted TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes with Ed McMahon. This was a great show which does not get the appreciation it deserves. Showing bloopers from shows and practical jokes on many celebrities, the show was a real fun program. After the show was cancelled he kept having specials keeping the concept alive until 2002. For a time Dick Clark was as synonymous with bloopers as he was with bandstand. Many people also forget that he was a game show host, hosting shows like the always entertaining $250,000 Pyramid and the not so great Scattergories and The Challengers in 1990. He also did the show Winning Lines for CBS. Despite all these example, the one that will truly always be a part of my past is his work on New Year’s Rocking Eve. Every year, New Year’s Eve meant putting Dick Clark on. Without fail. That show premiered in 1972, which means it was on every year of my life. I know that it will feel odd when next New Year’s rolls around. Then there were the other things Dick Clark did, including specials everyone forgets about. In 1988 I recorded on tape a special he hosted called Surprise!, it was a silly show where he presented clips of celebrities either surprising or getting surprised. I still have this program on tape, and watch it every so often. Of course Dick Clark was a producer responsible for many things including the American Music Awards. He appeared as himself on the sitcom The Fresh Prince, and probably did countless talk shows over the years. Dick Clark was an amazing entertainer, how many people successfully hosted different shows on all three networks at the same time? He also did radio, hosting a top 40 and other programs. In 2004 he suffered a stroke which caused him to basically drop out of public eye. Sure, he still appeared on New Year’s Eve and did work behind the scenes but it wasn’t the same. He was one of my favorites, I watched anything he did. Today is a sad day, because he is one of those people you think will never leave us. The world’s oldest teenager he was called for the longest time. It’s true; we will never see his likes again.

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