Hey guys. Gerawallstar here, and I am going to review all the episodes of the 1st season of Pokemon Indigo League. I will only be reviewing the first season. I will not be reviewing everything else after it. Since there are a LOT of episodes in this season, I will be categorizing these posts by reviewing  26 episodes in this post, and I will do the next 25 in a new post. I loved watching the series as a kid. This will be interesting seeing if these episodes hold up or not, now that i’m looking back at the series as a 27 year old man. Without further ado, here we go with the review!

  1. Pokemon I choose you Review

This is a fantastic start to the series. I loved watching Ash and Pikachu’s relationship in this episode. It was realistic seeing them hate each other and then having them develop their friendship at the end of this episode.  It is funny seeing Ash’s Pokedex mock Ash. I get chills every time I see the scene where Ash makes a speech to the Spearows that chased him as well as Pikachu using thunder bolting on all of the Spearows. I also love the first appearances of Misty and Ho-oh. The episode’s direction, execution and pacing were perfect. This episode gets a 10.

  1. Pokemon Emergency

This is an amazing continuation to the first episode. This is the first time we see Jessie, James and Meowth as Team Rocket. Team Rocket being serious rather than inevitably be a comic relief was interesting and awesome. The whole episode is enjoyable through and through. I give this episode a 9.

  1. Ash catches a Pokemon

I really LOVE this episode. The scene where Pikachu and Caterpie interact was wholesome(I’m going to be saying wholesome a lot in these reviews). The comedic Team Rocket trio was hilarious to watch. Misty being afraid of bug Pokemon was funny. My criticism of this episode is that I honestly did not like that Misty was being so mean to Ash in this episode. He just started his Pokemon training. No need to be THAT harsh. This episode gets a 9.

  1. Challenge of the Samurai

Oh boy. This episode. Challenge of the Samurai is a huge downgrade compared to the marvelous first three episodes of the show. Samurai is such a d!c% to Ash insulting him and calling him “Novice.” Jessie and James were frustratingly dumb in this episode.  The battle between Ash and Samurai’s Metapod dragged on for too long. The only part I liked about this episode was Ash’s character development by admitting that it was his fault he abandoned Metapod. Its great seeing Ash learn from his mistakes. This episode is just bad. I give this episode a 4.5

  1. Showdown at Pewter City

Ash vs Brock. Does Ash’s first gym battle hold up? Sadly, no. This episode just features Ash battling Brock and winning by sheer luck. He did not earn the badge that Brock gave him out of nowhere. This is the first of many of Ash undeserving gets his Kanto Badges. This episode’s high points are that we get to see the gym leader’s life outside the gym where Brock spends his time taking care of his sisters. The whole backstory of Brock is very touching. I loved seeing kids shows go out of their comfort zone and tackle a bunch of heavy-handed themes like broken families. The episodes pacing is slow as dirt.  I give this episode a 6.

  1. Clefairy and the Moon Stone

I had a lot of fun watching this episode. This episode shows the dynamic between Ash and Brock when they battle against Team Rocket. TR taking an approach that they had done in the games with the Moon Stone was great. I also loved seeing Clefairy evolve into Clefable using the moon stone. It was very wholesome. It’s an amazing episode with an amazing story. I give this episode a 10.

  1. Water Flowers of Cerulean City

Ash’s second gym battle was better than the first one, but it has the same problems as the first gym battle. Once again, Ash gets his gym badges handed to him instead of earning it and it sucks not seeing him battling against Misty the whole thing through. The relationship between Misty and her siblings are cute and relatable. The story where Team Rocket invade Cerulean City was a nice nod to the games. It’s just that I wish we get to see a full-on battle between Misty and Ash. I give this episode a 7.

  1. The Path to the Pokemon League

This episode is not good. I like A.J. and his relationship with his Sandshrew, and Team Rocket does have a few funny lines. The part where Jessie says “Music killed the cat” cracks me up. But where the episode falls flat is that Ash acts an arrogant a$$hole throughout this whole episode. It was very frustrating to see that. You know what else would have been better? If A.J. battled Team Rocket in the middle of the episode, and then he battles the two gym leaders as a learning experience in seeing how actual gym leaders fight. Even if those battles would’ve been very short, I would’ve loved to see that instead of Team Rocket cracking jokes throughout this episode. I give this episode a 5.

  1. School of Hard Knocks

I actually like this episode. This episode does a cool concept of showing how Pokemon can enter the Pokemon league not just by competing for badges. I also love how this episode focuses more on Pokemon stats, attacks, move sets, etc. representing the games very well. I even love how Giselle and Joe are as characters… for the most part. The only things I didn’t like about this episode is Giselle’s arrogant and b!+^#y attitude towards Ash and Misty. She also comes off as a complete know-it-all. We had Ash in the last episode acting arrogant, now this? I also didn’t like how mean-spirited the students were towards Joe. He is trying so hard to learn, d@m$. Aside from those issues, this is a good episode. I give this episode an 7.5

  1. Bulbasaur and the hidden village

This is a great episode. This episode left me wondering where it would go when Bulbasaur led the traps. My only complaint is that I didn’t like how Brock repeatedly hits Misty in the head even though she was asking dumb questions. Bulbasaur is a wonderful character. I liked that it has a tough but nurturing side when it wanted to protect the Pokemon from a health spa. The battle between Pikachu and Bulbasaur was decent. Melanie is a great character as well. The first half may start off slow, but it builds up when you get to the second half because it greatly establishes Bulbasaur’s motivations and I loved seeing Ash capture Bulbasuar. This episode gets an 8.

  1. Charizard the Stray Pokemon

This is the best episode I have seen so far. It’s perfectly executed. It’s a touching story about a Charmander being abandoned by Its own trainer. I was moved to tears when the heroes helped healed Charmander’s Tail at the Pokemon Center. I loved seeing a kid show tackle heavy subject matters like abuse and neglect. It teaches kids that the world is not all about sunshine and rainbows. Team Rocket were funny and not distracting in this episode. The writers focused more on the story and let Team Rocket be in the sidelines. I was so happy when Charmander decided to join Ash and leave the a$$#@!e Damien. I give this episode a 10.

  1. Here comes the Squirtle Squad

Why are the episodes where Ash catches a starter Pokemon are all so good? This episode’s execution, humor and story are done perfectly. The stakes were high, and it feels the most action heavy I’ve seen in this show. Team Rocket were a blast in this episode. They can really be amazing comedic villains in episodes like this. This episode also does a good job establishing Squirtle as a character. While not as emotional heavy like the last episode, this episode is still solid. The cameo from Gary was pretty funny. I give this episode a 10.

  1. Mystery at the lighthouse

This is a great episode. I get a mysterious vibe watching the episode. I loved how this episode really goes into detail about how many Pokemon are in the Kanto Region. It was genius animation seeing Dragonite in silhouette form instead of showing an actual Dragonite. Bill was greatly utilized in the anime compared to the games where he is calmer and less creepy. Team Rocket were even greatly utilized in this episode trying to capture the Dragonite. The negatives from this episode is the beginning where Ash was bragging about getting the two badges he didn’t even earn. Plus, the whole characters facing the fourth wall explaining about Pokemon was weird at the end. It felt like watching a Pre-school show. I give this episode a 9.

  1. Electric Shock Showdown

Finally. We get to see Ash battle a gym leader in its entirety. I love how Ash is more strategic this time around when fighting gym leaders. I was rooting for Ash to win in his rematch when he lost against LT. Surge for the first time. The scene where he allows Pikachu to decide to evolve with a thunder stone was touching and selfless for Ash. Team Rocket being very supportive to Ash in his gym battle was funny. I hope we get more episodes of Ash fighting gym leaders fully. I give this episode a 10.

  1. All aboard the St. Anne

This is a wonderful episode. Normally we get to see Team Rocket as these bumbling idiots. Here, they are legitimately a threat in this episode, and I loved how they are portrayed more villainous just like in the games.  Ash’s hesitation on trading Butterfree was realistic and wholesome. It shows that they both bonded during a short period of time. James cracked me up in this episode. The ending showed a depressing cliffhanger. I give this episode a 10.

  1. Pokemon Shipwreck

This episode is interesting. It was very dark seeing the main characters and team rocket about to face death on a sunken ship. The whole thing with Team Rocket joining up with Ash, Misty and Brock instead of fighting was cool. I love seeing the heroes and Team Rocket working together. The ending was very dark and mysterious. I give this episode a 8

  1. Island of the Giant Pokemon

This episode is a better continuation from the last episode. Pokemon interacting with each other and using subtitles as part of their dialogue was awesome. I love seeing how Pokemon interact when they are not with their trainers. The way that the Pokemon talk in this episode delivers an amazing “show don’t tell” approach in the story. Even though the Legendary Birds were robotic, seeing them in anime form for the first time was very cool. The whole reunion scene was very sweet. This is an exceptional episode. I give this episode a 10.

  1. Beauty and the Beach

This episode made me very uncomfortable. Not only the writers disgustingly show a 12-year-old girl dressing inappropriately, it gets worse. There was an old man hitting on Misty telling her that she reminds him of his granddaughter with a sexualized creepy face. There was a deleted scene where it showed James wearing fake boobs. That is very disturbing and creepy. Also, I thought that this episode was boring. I did like that moment where the workers told Ash’s mom about how great he is as a person. Speaking of which, it was cool seeing her and Oak in person since the first episode. This episode sadly was boring and uncomfortable. I give this episode a 4.

  1. Tentacool and Tentacruel

This episode was cool. This episode feels like an apocalypse movie. The action scenes with Tentacool and Tentacruel were cool. Pikachu’s speech to the Tentacruel was awesome. We get into some insight of why Misty loves water Pokemon and it really distinguishes her character so well. This is one of my favorite Misty-Centered episodes so far. I give this episode a 9.

  1. Ghost of Maiden’s Peak

This episode was weird. I never understood the whole point of the episode. Seeing Brock and James go gaga over a statuette of a woman is creepy. There’s nothing I remember about the episode. I like how the Maiden reveals to be Gastly in the end. I also like how the Maiden uses clever tactics i.e. Ferret and Lighter to defeat the Pokemon. This episode just exists. I give this episode a 6.

  1. Bye Bye Butterfree

The entire beginning and the middle sections of the episodes were nothing to be honest. They are still good scenes like the scene where the heroes imitated the Team Rocket motto. However, the ending of the episode was powerful. Seeing Ash release Butterfree to be with the other Butterfree’s, was very emotional and an iconic moment in the series history. The whole scene where Butterfree leaves Ash was well executed and the fact that they played the Pokemon theme really shows how much Butterfree’s journey with Ash ends off with a bang. If you want to ignore the first and second half of the episode, then watch the third act. It’s where the episode really shines. I give the episode a 10.

  1. Abra and the Psychic Showdown

This episode was enjoyable. I really like how this episode shows how much of a threat Sabrina is as a gym leader. The scene where Ash, Misty and Brock try to run away from Sabrina’s doll house was creepy. I loved seeing how much personality the gym leaders in this show have. I hope Ash’s rematch will be as exciting as it was when he rematches L.T. Surge. I give this episode a 10.

  1. The tower of Terror

This episode was all right. I love seeing the characterizations of the Gengar Trio. It makes their scary but lovable appearance very cool.  They were very funny. The way Ash and Pikachu fly around with the Gengar Trio was cool too, I guess. Unfortunately, everything else from this episode was boring. I give this episode a 6.

  1. Haunter vs Kadabra

Out of all the Gym Leader fights, this was the worst one. The main problem with the episode is that Ash doesn’t win the fight between Sabrina. The only reason he got a badge from Sabrina in the first place was because Haunter found a way to make her laugh. All that buildup from the episode we saw when he battled Sabrina two episodes ago, was a letdown after watching this episode. I can excuse Misty and Brock for handing Ash Gym badges because they are the main characters. But not here. I don’t know why Ash doesn’t just battle the gym leaders the normal way to earn badges. The good things about this episode is that it gives more insight into the gym leaders lifestyle. I loved the backstory of Sabrina and how she became very demonized. Haunter was very funny as a character. I laughed at the times when it almost killed Team Rocket. Again, all that hype from Ash losing against Sabrina, to him getting a ghost Pokemon in order to defeat her, made this results into a disappointment of an episode. I give this episode a 6.

  1. Primeape goes Bananas

Oh snap! I love this episode. Primeape was amazing and hilarious being a d!c% to Ash. It was funny seeing Mankey try to taunt Ash. The whole battle between Primeape and Charmander was cool. I even love how Ash’s hat was established as an important item he won, making it justifiable to get it back. I thought the infamous dub changes from Rice Balls to Doughnuts was very funny. I give this episode a 10.

  1. Pokemon scent-sation

This episode was good. It was funny seeing Ash being disguised as a girl, and I loved how menacing Team Rocket was throughout the episode. The fire scene was also intense. The only things I didn’t like about the episode was that Erika was a b!+^# towards Ash for insulting perfume. I get that he said something very awful. But did she really have to ban him from fighting a gym leader to get a badge for the Pokemon League? Speaking of, once again Ash was handed a gym badge instead of actually battling. That is my second major problem with the episode.  I know I’m harping on this but at this point, I am so sick of seeing Ash not winning gym battles for getting his gym badges. So far, the only badge he ever put up a good fight and won was in Electric Shock Showdown. I do appreciate this show giving more characterization for the gym leaders, but I hate that it had to result in sacrificing actual gym fights. It really makes Ash very incompetent as a trainer, and I bet that’s probably why he spoilers loses the Pokmeon league. I give this episode a 7.


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