Top 5 Worst Kirby right back at ya episodes


  1. Pillow Case

I know what you’re thinking “youre adding a season 1 episode in here?” To be honest, This episode is just a random clip show. It also doesn’t make sense for a show early on to have a clip show. All this episode does is air a bunch of clips from the first 13 episodes. 13! Skip this episode.

  1. Whale of a tale

This episode is just boring to sit through. I don’t remember a lot from this episode. Also, there should’ve been a monster in this episode, and Kirby get a copy ability to take a monster out. That would’ve been more interesting than….. an episode about whale watching. This episode is highly forgettable.

  1. A Chow Challenge

Where this episode frustrates me is the execution and laziness. Let me explain: this episode had a strong start where Chef Kawasaki encountered his old classmate named Chef Nagoya. They had an food competition and Nagoya calls him out for being a bad cook. That scene alone is just like “A Recipe for Disaster”, and I loved it. Unfortunately the rest of the entire episode is just like that episode. The execution feels like a lazy rehash of that episode where King Dedede sabotages Kawasaki in a cooking contest, and the other chef complimenting Kawasaki’s cooking abilities. By the way, there was a random monster implemented in the episode at the last minute(literally). This episode had a promising start but fails miserably.

  1. Shell Shocked

This episode made me very uncomfortable. King Dedede kept breaking Escargoons shell and he had to get a new one. I hated King Dedede’s behavior in this episode. The way he kept harassing Escargoon just because he wanted to look at the inside of Escargoon’s shell  was very creepy. It really makes this episode unpleasant to sit through.


  1. Tooned Out

Out of all the worst episodes the show has to offer, this is definitely the worst one on the list. Lets get into the good first. This episode has an interesting take on CGI by having Diswalney make King Dedede and Kirby as motion capture to make a CGI cartoon. It was an interesting way to make this a sequel of Cartoon Buffoon. It doesn’t feel like its rehashing anything. It felt more like a commentary on how animation styles change over time. But where this episode falls flat is the choice of having three animators sexually stalk a minor. Its very disgusting and completely creepy. Why did the writers use this as a concept instead of the one where we get CGI animation commentary? Its gets worse in the end when the three animators did an actual cartoon about Tiff grown up and sexualized, and then doing a dance at the end flirting around Tiff. WTF were the writers thinking making this episode. Because of these choices, its very hard to see the good the episode has. The bad absolutely outweights the good in this episode. This episode is the worst episode of the Kirby series. Never, I mean NEVER watch this episode. Avoid it at all costs.

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  1. Haven’t watched Kirby, but I am familiar with Cartoon Buffoon and how it’s considered to be a fan favorite with its meta-commentary. Attempting to follow that up is a hard hill to climb, but then I got to the “having three animators sexually stalk a minor” comment and I immediately went into WTF mode. Like even with Japan having differing views on what’s considered appropriate for kids’ media, that is still a bafflingly disturbing decision.

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