I perform a DnD inspired effect.

My brother actually does DnD sessions every now and then, and he gave me a set of his dice feeling that I might be able to come up with a trick for them. Unfortunately I couldn’t really think of anything so I did what I usually do when stuck and checked magic forums for any possible suggestions. I found a good one on Reddit, surprisingly enough, that relies on an aspect of the dice I hadn’t considered. After that I just had to find a good framing for the routine, so I kept with the DnD theming and made it a monster prediction. As I mention earlier I know very little about the game so a lot of my jokes about the creatures ended up falling flat. I tried to bolster it with a few jokes I’ve used for other sets; hopefully they helped to compensate.

Yeah I know I’ve been doing a lot of predictions recently. Don’t worry – I’ll be switching things up for future performances.

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