This piece of Inuyasha x Ayame next-generation fan art, which is my twenty-second submission for this year’s InuAya month, is dedicated to all the wonderful Inuyasha x Ayame shippers of the world and everybody who wants to see how their children look like. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the collage I made from some of the previous fan art I made of my InuAya next-gen characters from top to bottom.

I have always argued that Inuyasha and Ayame are the parents who shall have formidable, determined, and mighty children. They come in the forms of their seven sons who possess their father’s magnificent muscles, stupendous super-strength, and victorious virility, and their seven daughters who possess their mother’s limbering limbs, dedicated determination, and furious fierceness. Putting the best of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s physical and psychological qualities together, Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s offspring have become just as strong, fierce, mighty, and formidable as their parents were in their younger years. Furthermore, Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s sons are the split images of their father to varying degrees, while their daughters take after their mother. Whenever opponents and/or invaders dare to destroy them, Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s fourteen children are ready and willing to charge headfirst into battle and give them one grand serving of bludgeoning conquest. There is no way any felon could escape from their sons’ magnificent muscles and super-strength and their daughters’ furious fists and fleet feet.

29-year-olds Masataka, Masaya, and Masaru are the eldest triplet sons renowned for being victoriously virile bodybuilders, wrestlers, and weightlifters specializing in Pankration, Ssireum, and Combat Sambo. Masataka is the responsible one, Masaya is the courageous one, and Masaru is the conscientious one, as all three triplet brothers set a grand example for their parents, younger siblings, wives, and children. They are a trio of brothers who would never surrender when the chips are down and are always willing to protect their families against destruction. Even their opponents respect Masataka, Masaya, and Masaru for their incredible strength and manly sense of decorum. This trio may be renowned for their rear-naked chokeholds, German suplexes, and neck cranks. However, their courage, valor, virility, and fortitude as warriors can never be questioned, especially since they are the first-born sons. Masataka, Masaya, and Masaru take great pride in being the eldest brothers who take care of their siblings, will never take their familial duties for granted, and have the muscles and strength to prove their worth.

28-year-olds Kenta and Keita and 27-year-olds Kazuhiko and Kaito are respectively the second-born and third-born twin sons who are united in virility, musclebound pose-downs, and abundant encouragement. Kenta and Keita are muscularly musclebound bodybuilders, wrestlers, and weightlifters specializing in Ancient Greek Wrestling and Lutte Traditionelle. Meanwhile, Kazuhiko and Kaito are stupendously super-strong bodybuilders, wrestlers, and weightlifters specializing in Kapu Kuialua and Vale Tudo. Kenta and Keita are renowned for being the rough and rowdy pair of twins who revel in bodybuilding pose-downs, flaunting their magnificently bulging muscles, and their endearingly close bromance with each other. Kazuhiko and Kaito are known for being the charming and charismatic pair of twins whose magnificent muscles are big as their charitable hearts and protective characters. Kenta and Keita are constantly applauded for their torture racks and bearhugs just as Kazuhiko and Kaito are excitedly praised for their camel clutches and sharpshooters. Nevertheless, both pairs of twins’ unconditionally fraternal love and undying appreciation can make Castor and Pollux as well as Romulus and Remus green with envy. Kenta’s and Keita’s magnificently mighty muscles and Kazuhiko’s and Kaito’s stupendously super-strength function handsomely in virile synergy, especially with their wives and children.

26-year-old Kiriko and 25-year-olds Momoko, Makoto, and Mikoto are respectively the fourth-born daughter and the fifth-born triplet daughters acclaimed for their lethal combat prowess and astounding determination as valiant combatants. Kiriko is a formidably fierce Nak Muay Ying Farang specializing in Muay Lerdrit. Meanwhile, Momoko, Makoto, and Mikoto are fabulously feisty Nak Muay Ying Farangs specializing in Muay Thai, Pradal Serey, and Muay Lao. Kiriko is unapologetically tomboyish in her manner, considering that perseverance, determination, confidence, and gutsiness are all parts of her vocabulary and personality. Momoko is the fierce one, Makoto is the determined one, and Mikoto is the confident one, as all three triplet sisters tackle every challenge with open arms and abundant sisterly love. Kiriko implements her Superman punches with the greatest of ease and abandon. Momoko, Makoto, and Mikoto take thorough advantage of their elbow slashes, shin kicks, and flying knees with fiery flair. Their formidable and lethal techniques aside, Kiriko is fiercely protective of her older brothers and younger sisters just as Momoko, Makoto, and Mikoto show their appreciation toward each other. Kiriko’s, Momoko’s, Makoto’s, and Mikoto’s genuine sisterhood is also evident in their duties as wives to their husbands and mothers to their children.

24-year-olds Maya and Minako and 23-year-old Meika are respectively the sixth-born twin daughters and seventh-born as well as youngest daughter revered for their brilliant fierceness and potent dedication as courageous strikers. Maya and Minako are daringly determined Nak Muay Ying Farangs specializing in Kyuk Too Ki and Dutch Kickboxing with a background in Muay Thai. Meanwhile, Meika is a fabulously fiery Nak Muay Ying Farang specializing in Japanese Kickboxing with a background in Muay Thai. Maya and Minako are dutifully dedicated to their craft as prizefighters and are passionate about improving their combat prowess while empowering young girls to reach their fullest potential, especially as daughters, sisters, and mothers. Meika is clearly confident in her abilities as a kickboxing and Muay Thai maven and fulfills her duties as a loving daughter, kind sister, and supportive mother. Maya and Minako possess uppercuts and jabs strong enough to dent steel. Meika bears swift roundhouse kicks that make her as agile and quick as any gazelle in the savannah. When they are not employing their fast and flashy techniques, Maya, Minako, and Meika demonstrate warmth, love, servitude, and protection to everybody they consider important from their parents to their siblings to their children.

I hope you all enjoyed delving into Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s children in this fan art collage. Tune in for another InuAya month submission. Take care, stay safe, and please continue to show your love for Inuyasha and Ayame as well as their offspring, everybody.

Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Masataka, Masaya, Masaru, Kenta, Keita, Kazuhiko, Kaito, Kiriko, Momoko, Makoto, Mikoto, Maya, Minako, and Meika belong to me.

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