I perform Max Maven’s “Numetric”.

Another routine where the inspiration came from a real-life event. The story I tell at the start about the guy at work being surprised I knew about his upcoming wedding did happen, and that got me interested in looking for a trick where I hardly do any work but can still deliver a strong payoff. This effect was recommended to me on one of the magic Discord servers I frequent, and after checking it out it definitely seemed to fit the criteria.

The trick MOSTLY goes off without a hitch – Anthony surprised me at the end when he wanted to look at the coin, and it threw me off. However, I still wanted to upload the video because there was some fun banter between us and some amusing comments from the audience, which I still think helps the presentation. I guess this is one of the risks that comes from performing in front of a regular audience for so long; after a while they start to get wise to your methods.

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