Good morning, everybody. I just woke up to some lovely news, as I have now hit the 2,100 YouTube subscriber mark. I am grateful that you have been continuing to keep up with me and my content as well as your abundant encouragement.

This spring season has brought a good number of blessings and opportunities. From producing my “Things That Piss Antoni Off” trailers for my channel and the main videos for Eric Allen Vierthaler‘s channel to the continuous traction my Saban-Era Blue Ranger morph attempt videos have been acquiring, I am totally ecstatic that the opportunities and clicks keep on coming. Therefore, I have become more encouraged to produce more YouTube content for all of you wonderful viewers.

I want to thank all of you wonderful fellow Power Rangers fans, partisans of good entertainment, actors, singers, voice actors, online reviewers, filmmakers, artists, and writers for your continuous inspiration. Most importantly, I want to thank my family, friends, university colleagues, and mentors for your continuous guidance and support in all of my endeavors. You all give me many reasons why I want to keep on producing online content.

Thank you so much to all of my wonderful 2,100 YouTube Subscribers, and I hope you all continue to show your support by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Take care and have a great spring season, everybody.

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