1 thought on “Age Before Beauty: A Face in the Crowd review, part 1

  1. Never knew about St. Urho before today. What an odd, interesting bit of folklore.

    I didn’t check out “A Face in the Crowd” until after the 2016 election when so many people were discussing it. And I never really liked the Andy Griffith show, but wow Andy’s performance in this movie was just so incredible. Lonesome Rhodes is probably one of the best villain protagonists ever. Just so slimy and repulsive, yet you’re compelled to just see how far he’ll go and how he’ll try to top his previous acts of awfulness. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it predicted Trump, but rather showed that the potential for that to happen was always there – the public just needed to be vigilant to prevent it. And sadly we have lost that sense of vigilance.

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