This “What if Character Replaces Character in this Scene” meme template originally belongs to MagicalKeyPizzaDan and is dedicated to everybody who is entertained by the idea of Inuyasha, Ryuichi Hayami, Toran, Alexander Volg Zangief, Mika Seido, Ryoma Sakamoto, Ichiro Miyata, Kiichi “Kiibo” Miyazawa, Takeshi Sendo, Baki Hanma, and Ippo Makunouchi in the Inurangers version of “Forever Red.” Sit back, relax, and revel in the Inurangers’ version of “Forever Red’s” final scene.

Here is another iconic scene from Power Rangers Wild Force’s “Forever Red” that I hold dearly to my heart, mind, and soul, which is the epilogue. Not only is this scene very touching, but it is also a culmination of everything that the Saban-era Red Rangers endured in their ordeal against the Machine Empire. Since this final scene is the Toonami-Era Inurangers version, instead of the nine remaining Red Rangers saying their farewells to each other, it is all eleven Red Inurangers doing so. With that said, it is time for the Red Inurangers of the Toonami Era to bid each other until the next time after their battle against the Demon Beast Empire.

It was an arduous battle that all eleven Red Inurangers endured against the Demon Beast Empire. Ippo, the newest addition to the Red Inurangers, came a long way in proving himself worthy as a warrior and as a leader in defeating Serpenterra with some help from his ten Red Inuranger comrades. Now that the Megaship has landed back on Earth, it is time for Inuyasha to bid farewell to his ten comrades, as all eleven Red Inurangers come together one last time before parting ways.

Inuyasha addressed his ten comrades, “Thank you, Inurangers. You’ve done a great service to the entire universe.”

Toran responded, “Don’t mention it, old friend.”

Toran, Ryuichi, Ippo, Ichiro, Baki, Ryoma, Mika, Inuyasha, Alexander, Takeshi, and Kiibo place their right fists in the front. Alexander, Kiibo, Takeshi, Toran, Ryuichi, Ippo, Ichiro, Baki, Mika, Ryoma, and Inuyasha nod their heads in acknowledgment.

Inuyasha then states, “I guess it’s time to say goodbye again. May the power protect you all.”

All eleven Red Inurangers deliver a gentle fist-bump before Inuyasha departs.

“Wow. So, that was Inuyasha. He really is the greatest Inuranger.” Ippo says in awe, as Inuyasha saunters away.

Ryuichi, Toran, Alexander, Mika, Ryoma, Ichiro, Kiibo, Takeshi, and Baki laugh and guffaw at Ippo’s starry-eyed amazement and claim of Inuyasha as the greatest Inuranger ever.

Ippo, on the other hand, is befuddled, “What did I say?”

Ryuichi comments, “Well, I wouldn’t go that far. After all, I was the one who replaced him when he and his friends were turned into kids.”

Toran retorts, “Are you kidding me? He may have been the one doing all the work, but he was also kissing on Ayame at the juice bar.”

Ichiro replies, “All right, at least his attire is regulation, right?”

Baki boasts, “Yeah, my Q-Rex would eat his Tyrannosaurus Zord for lunch! Yeah!”

Ryoma interrupts, “But I discovered new galaxies.”

Kiibo chimes in, “Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, I changed history. So, why does he have a fan club and I don’t?”

Takeshi adds, “And I’ve been doing my share in keeping Time Force in tip-top shape. So, where’s my share of the accolades?”

Mika demands, “Hey, I saved two worlds! What about that?!”

Alexander finally concludes, “Wait, wait, wait, wait! Did I ever tell you guys about the time I got baked in a giant pizza?”

Ryoma, Mika, Baki, Ichiro, Toran, Ryuichi, Takeshi, Kiibo, and Ippo respond, “Yeah, yeah!”

The ten remaining Red Inurangers go their separate ways.

I hope you all enjoyed the Inurangers’ version of “Forever Red’s” final scene, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody.

Inuyasha and Toran from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Ryuichi Hayami, Alexander Volg Zangief, Ichiro Miyata, Takeshi Sendo, and Ippo Makunouchi from Hajime no Ippo belong to George Morikawa and Madhouse.

Mika Seido from Geneshaft belongs to Kazuki Akane, Satelight, and Studio Gazelle.

Ryoma Sakamoto from Shura no Toki belongs to Masatoshi Kawahara, Shin Misawa, Media Factory, and Studio Comet.

Kiichi “Kiibo” Miyazawa from Shootfighter Tekken or High School Exciting Story: Tough belongs to Tetsuya Saruwatari and Anime International Company.

Baki Hanma from Baki the Grappler belongs to Keisuke Itagaki and Group TAC.

Tommy Oliver, Aurico, Jason Lee Scott, Theodore Jay “TJ” Jarvis Johnson, Andros of KO-35, Leo Corbett, Carter Grayson, Wesley “Wes” Collins, Alex Drake, Eric Myers, and Cole Evans from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Time Force, and Power Rangers Wild Force belong to Saban and Toei.

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