Greetings and salutations, fellow aficionados of anime, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and everything early 1990s to early 2000s, Antoni here. I have been excited to create this line-up ever since I have been watching and re-watching “Forever Red” from Power Rangers Wild Force. It has been my greatest endeavor ever since I have finally ended up being satisfied with my arrangements with the Toonami-Era Inurangers teams. I have also been reiterating that the Toonami-Era Inurangers version of “Forever Red” has nine male Red Rangers and two female Red Rangers, thus showing that anybody can be a Red Ranger. Now, it is time for me to tackle the line-up of Toonami-Era Red Inurangers in their version of “Forever Red.”

Ever since day one of creating my Inurangers headcanon, I already knew who was going to lead the Toonami-Era Red Inurangers in “Forever Red”, especially since this special celebrated ten seasons of Inurangers during the Toonami era from 2000 to 2006. He is none other than Inuyasha the original Red Inuranger who controls the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, the Tyrannosaurus-Red Dragon Thunderzord, and the Red Ape Ninjazord during his Mighty Morphin Inurangers tenure. For three seasons of Mighty Morphin Inurangers, one team-up during Inurangers Zeo, and one grander team-up during Inurangers in Space, he has lived up to Tommy Oliver’s title and legacy of being the greatest Ranger ever and Jason Lee Scott’s strong brand of leadership. Therefore, just like Tommy in “Forever Red,” Inuyasha leads the Toonami-era Red Inurangers to battle against the Demon Beast Empire consisting of Chokyukai, Suzaku, Genbu, Byakko, and Seiryu from Inuyasha, who are also the Inurangers version of the remaining Machine Empire bent on resurrecting Serpenterra. Furthermore, Kimiaki Shirai and Masayuki Haitani from Love Hina, who are the Inurangers’ versions of Bulk and Skull, give the phone to Inuyasha for him to assemble the rest of the Red Rangers. Ippo the Red Wild Force Inuranger would even be astounded at Inuyasha’s presence and legacy as the Greatest Inuranger ever by the end of “Forever Red.”

Despite Inuyasha being technically akin to Jason Lee Scott in terms of leadership, it is Toran who inherits Jason’s rougher edge and his iconic line of the team not being complete without her as Inuyasha’s replacement. She would even call Ippo the rookie of the team. Yes, Toran is the Red Zeo Inuranger just like Tommy is during his tenure in Power Rangers Zeo. However, she acts more like Jason in the sense that she is the lancer with an edge in this all-Red Ranger team-up. Much like how Jason jokes about Tommy kissing Kimberly in the juice bar, Toran also jokes about Inuyasha saying that he may have done all the work as the original Inuranger leader, but he was also kissing Ayame after their missions. Toran works greatly as a lancer to Inuyasha’s main hero/leader/mentor figure because of how well they can bounce off of each other as fellow Red Inurangers. Inuyasha’s experience as the main hero and leader and Toran’s edge as the lancer complement each other perfectly.

You might have also recognized that there is a total of eleven Red Rangers. This is because I have also given the Inurangers version of Alex Drake, Takeshi Sendo from Hajime no Ippo, a very important role in this version of “Forever Red.” I also see Takeshi as a combination of Rocky’s lancer nature during his tenure as the second Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and Alex’s sternness during his tenure as the original Red Time Force Ranger. With those attributes combined, Takeshi ends up being a worthy addition to the “Forever Red” line-up, and both Rocky and Alex are vindicated in the sense that he gets to join his fellow Red Rangers as the Red Shadow Time Force Ranger. Thus, Takeshi can still work wonderfully with Kiibo as the Red Time Force Ranger and Baki as the Quantum Ranger from the same series.

With that said, you know what time it is. It’s Morphin’ Time! Shift into Turbo! Let’s Rocket! Go Galactic! Lightspeed Rescue! Time for Time Force! Quantum Power! Wild Access! Red Rangers unite!

Forever Red: The Toonami-Era Red Inurangers Team-Up (2006)
Inuyasha, the original Red Inuranger, has assembled his fellow Red Inurangers for a mission: to stop Chokyukai, Suzaku, Genbu, Byakko, and Seiryu from resurrecting Serpenterra. Ippo the Red Wild Force Inuranger and newcomer to the mission is overwhelmed by the presence of previous Red Inurangers who have also fought bravely to save the world, with some of them being leaders of their respective teams. There is going to be a lot of high-octane action and excitement when the eleven Toonami-Era Red Inurangers join forces and protect the world from the clutches of the Demon Beast Empire.

  • Inuyasha from Inuyasha the 24-year-old Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger version of Tommy Oliver and Jason Lee Scott assuming Tommy’s leader role in Forever Red voiced by Richard Ian Cox
  • Ryuichi Hayami from Hajime no Ippo the 23-year-old Red Ronin Ranger version of Aurico voiced by Nathan Smythe
  • Toran from Inuyasha the 24-year-old Zeo Ranger V Red version of Jason Lee Scott and Tommy Oliver assuming Jason’s lancer role in Forever Red voiced by Alison Matthews
  • Alexander Volg Zangief from Hajime no Ippo the 23-year-old Red Lightning Turbo Ranger version of Theodore Jay “TJ” Jarvis Johnson voiced by Dave Wittenberg
  • Mika Seido from Geneshaft the 22-year-old Red Space Ranger version of Andros voiced by Amanda Winn Lee
  • Ryoma Sakamoto from Shura no Toki the 24-year-old Red Galaxy Ranger version of Leo Corbett voiced by Marc Diraison
  • Ichiro Miyata from Hajime no Ippo the 22-year-old Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger version of Carter Grayson voiced by Jason Palmer
  • Kiichi “Kiibo” Miyazawa from Shootfighter Tekken the 23-year-old Red Time Force Ranger version of Wesley “Wes” Collins voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas
  • Takeshi Sendo from Hajime no Ippo the 23-year-old Red Shadow Time Force Ranger version of Alex Drake voiced by Doug Erholtz
  • Baki Hanma from Baki the Grappler the 24-year-old Quantum Time Force Ranger version of Eric Myers voiced by Robert McCollum
  • Ippo Makunouchi from Hajime no Ippo the 22-year-old Red Blazing Lion Ranger version of Cole Evans voiced by Steve Staley

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the Red Inuranger style line-up of “Forever Red.” Tune in later for the Inuranger-style morphing sequence of “Forever Red” as well as its epilogue as two separate submissions. Take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody.

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