Mentalism Performance – 2/9/24 (Soda Preference Prediction)


I perform “Sucking a Softy” by Ken Dyne (don’t laugh, that’s actually what he called it.)

Contrary to what you might think, I didn’t pick this trick simply because of the suggestive name. It interested me because it gave me another chance to work a color psychology set-up into the routine. I honestly think that there’s potential for a full act themed around color preference and influence, I just need to find enough tricks that fit the premise. This one might not be the best for such an act, but it still went over well as an isolated piece.

This was one of the few tricks where I got a chance to blow someone’s mind after my set as well. Before I left, one of the comics asked what would’ve happened if the purple straw had been picked instead. I asked him what kind of soda he thought would be in it, he said Coke, I gave him the purple straw, and after that, he just looked at me completely amazed and said I was a wizard. It was a really cool feeling. Though another comic came up to me and said he had an idea for how I pulled it off, and he was right, but I didn’t really consider that an ego deflater.

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