Hey Guys! Gerawallstar here, and I am here to review the Veggietales episode Dave and the Giant Pickle. I used to watch this episode heavily as a kid. I still loved this episode even as an adult. I remember loving the song “Little guys can do big things, too”, the introduction of Larryboy, and the message of self-esteem, which spoke to me a lot because I was very short as a wee lad. After seeing this episode as an adult, I find this episode perfect in its storytelling and message. First thing that makes this episode great is its relatable theme of people being insecure about themselves. While the story is about David defeating Goliath like in the bible verse David, it is also about Dave being insecure about himself when he is not being able to participate in a war because of his size. This is relatable because most times, a lot of us are insecure about ourselves and are judged by our appearance, skin color, personality, etc so we always try to fit in by changing our personality and act like what’s cool or popular in order to be liked. Its important to be yourself. This works well in a B plot when Larry acts insecure by being a superhero instead of himself. I loved that Bob tells Larry to be himself, and that he has a choice to be what he wants. I also loved the confidence Dave had when he decided to take on Goliath despite his small appearance. God giving him the courage and confidence to do great things no matter what people said was great. This message of being yourself is a message presented in thousands of animated movies, and this episode utilizes its theme very well. Another thing I loved about the episode is the score. The music in this episode is astounding. An example of this is in the Dave and Goliath fight scene. The music blend of the wimpiness sound of Dave Walking, and the threatening motif of Goliath when he appears was perfect. Although there aren’t a lot of songs in this episode, the song that they do have i.e. “Little guys can do big things too”, and the silly song “I love my lips” are both great songs.

Onto the story about David. This is a unique version of David from the bible. I loved this version of David because believe it or not, this version takes a lot of liberties from David in the Bible. What they got right was that David was an actual shepherd, David carrying food and supplies for his brothers to fight Goliath and defeating Goliath with a rock. Speaking of Goliath, Goliath was a perfect villain because he was exactly what the Goliath in the bible story was with him challenging Saul to fight him for 40 days, having no luck with the soldiers refusing to fight, and fighting David. The weapon Goliath used was changed from a sword to a boxing glove. The writers even went a step further by tacking heavy themes of slavery with the Philistines making the Israelites their slaves. Having something like that told in a kid show is pretty ballsy. The only thing that wasn’t accurate aside from the weapon Goliath used, was that in this version Saul was a mentor figure to Dave while in the bible version, Saul plotted to kill him because of his own jealousy of David. He feared that he would become king when his popularity soared after he fought Goliath and after winning a plethora of battles against the philistines. So, David eventually fled to the south with the help of his friend Jonathan and started his career, elsewhere. With that inaccuracy taking place, I don’t really mind that change from the bible version because this is a kid show and the writers wanted to make room for adding in the message onto the story.

Overall, Dave and the Giant Pickle is a perfect Veggietales episode. It is a simplified story of David from the bible done perfectly with most of the accurate portrayals from the bible, the message carrying the story forward, and the songs/music being brilliant. I am finally giving a Veggietales episode a 10/10.


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