Hey guys! Gerawallstar and I are here to review the veggietales episode Are you my neighbor? This episode is amazing. It is a big step up from the second VeggieTales episode God wants me to forgive them. In the countertop scenes, Bob and Larry don’t hesitate or overexplain the message. The shoe that Larry wore on his head foreshadows the message and what the first segment will be about. The first segment is about the story of rival cities fibber-o-loo and Jibber-de-lot, hating each other. The way that the mayor and the doctor didn’t give a s#!+ when Larry was trapped in the whole was funny, despite how cold and mean that was. I loved how Bob narrated the story like it’s some type of children’s story. When Junior from the town of Jibber-de-lot helps Larry out, it is sweet, which drives home the message of “loving your neighbor” very well. The song “Love Your Neighbor” was great and the quartet added to the mix was gold. This segment was amazing in its storytelling and songs.
The silly songs with Larry make a return after the negative reception of the forgive-o-matic from the last episode. The song “Where’s My Hairbrush” is iconic. It’s funny and very memorable.
The next segment is a Star Trek parody. and this segment is well-written. The whole action scenes, the humor, and the direction of this segment are marvelous. There were a lot of funny lines in this. I.e. Junior graduating from oral space technology in Preschool and Majoring in Playdoh. Jimmy and Jerry were entertaining and the song “I Can Be Your Friend” is superb. The “loving your neighbor” message works well in this segment, too. Jimmy and Jerry being different and the characters appreciating them after they saved them from a popcorn meteor brings the loving your neighbor message home very well. There are actually some small bits of racism in there when Junior tells his dad that he does not want to invite his foreign friend to the party because of the way he speaks. And it is handled surprisingly maturely.
Now that we got into the good parts of the episode, what is it that I don’t like in this episode? Despite the animation looking fantastic, some dated models with the popcorn and the ship are dated. There’s also reused animation from the first episode. Speaking of the first episode, I have a minor issue with this episode: in the Star Trek segment, Bob and Larry snuck into Junior’s bedroom just like in the first episode. Why do they keep trespassing into a child’s bedroom? That’s very creepy. Although I did love the callback from the first episode when Junior said in this situation “Deja Vu.”
Overall, Are You My Neighbor is amazing and a big step up in the quality of VeggieTales. The whole direction of both segments, the songs, and the silly songs make this episode a must-watch. I give this episode a 9/10.

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