Hey guys! Gerawallstar here and I am here to review the first ever Veggietales episode where’s god when i’m scared. What do I think about this episode? I think that this episode is fantastic. I love this episode as a kid and i still love it as as an adult. The message of the episode is fantastic. The writers did a good job tackling the message of handing fear. The 1st part of the episode Tales from the Crisper was good. The story was well written. The song “god is bigger than the boogeyman” is wonderful. Like I said the way that the message is handled in this part of the episode is good. It’s a solid 1st part of the episode. The silly songs with Larry bit, while short is very funny. I died laughing when Archibald Aparagus ranted to Larry during the song, and when he thrashed Larry when he was singing about baby kangaroos in the end. Daniel in the lions den is a musical where it tells the story about Daniel from the Bible. This part of the episode is well-written as well. I like how it stays true to the accurate portrayal of Daniel in the Bible for the most part. The songs are great. They do a good job in moving the plot forward. The song “OH no! What we’re gonna do?” is a phenomenal villian song in the series. It’s catchy, upbeat, and it has very dark lyrics. The song feels like the lion king song “be prepared” even before it existed. I thought that Daniel saying the line “Thanks for the pizza” was funny. The Wise Men were funny and clever as villains.
Now that we discussed the positives of both stories, what are mt negatives of the episode? One negative I have is the animation. Don’t get me wrong, the animation is charming and groundbreaking considering that this is the first ever CGI animated content before Toy Story. But I will have to admit that the animation is choppy and in the villian song, the animation looked stilted.
Overall, where’s god when im scared is a solid start to the Veggietales series. It has its flaws with the animation, but both stories, songs, and messages were done really well. I recommend this episode. I give this episode a 9 out of 10.

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  1. I have to admit that I’ve never seen Veggietales, only parodies or reviews/analyses, but I do have to give it credit for its ambitions. And from what you said they definitely put a lot of effort into making the characters, story, and songs entertaining enough to keep young viewers engages while imparting their moral message. Also, “Tales from the Crisper” is a pretty clever pun.

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