The host gets suspiciously festive as he welcomes the contestants to a cheerful, definitely-not-rigged edition of the game show!

It’s not a trap.



The Official Rulebook:

“Be Confidently Wrong!!” is a videogame music game show wherein the contestants must correctly guess the title of a given game associated with the track being played directly into their eardrums.

Music samples will play for 30 seconds, during which the players will have the opportunity to answer correctly by hitting their allotted buzzers (buzzers are emoji). They will still be required to wait for the show host’s call before answering.

There are 3 levels of difficulty in the game with 10 tracks for each category, for a total of 30 (not counting bonus rounds). The correct answerer may decide the difficulty level for the next track, otherwise it’s up to the host.

Points will be awarded for correct answers and will be dependent on the level of difficulty (Ex. Level 2=2 points, Level 3=4 Points).

In case of stalling while providing answers or by failing to hit the buzzer within the aforementioned time-limit, penalties will apply (-1 point for the former, -2 points for the latter).

Under normal circumstances, contestants will compete against each other for musical supremacy. There is no hard limit to the number of players.

However, in case of only two contestants, they will be forced to team up in a fight against God (the show host). In which case, any incorrect answer, and above penalties, will be converted into points for God (the show host).

The show host (God) reserves the right to award additional points if they feel like it or to use tracks from games that have already appeared on the show (the max limit is 1 per episode).

There are bonus rounds. Of course, there are bonus rounds. You will not beat the Final Boss round ever again!

Have fun!

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