In honor of RedRibbonReviewers and the 15th Anniversary of the show, Morgan looks at the trio of holiday specials crafted by Will Vinton when Claymation was at the height. Do they hold up or just a mess of waffle batter?


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1 thought on “Vaulting – Will Vinton’s Claymation Holiday Specials (15th Anniversary)

  1. Someone finally uploaded the full Claymation Christmas onto YouTube, so now thankfully more people will be able to experience it. It’s an underrated holiday gem; you just have to love how creative they get with interpreting the classic carols. Sadly I have to disprove your theory as while I enjoy the skating walrus segment, it’s not my favorite. (that would be Carol of the Bells)

    Don’t really have much to say about the other two specials because while they were inventive, I was never a fan of Wilbur Pig and didn’t enjoy the stories. Still gotta give Vinton credit for having a vision and big dreams, even if it didn’t pan out the way he wanted.

    Happy 15th anniversary.

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