I do a variation on T.A. Waters’ “Astraspeculum.”

I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate a tarot card routine into my act, but there aren’t a lot that really suit my style. Most of them are the set-up to a reading, which is more serious than what I want to go for, plus it would be pointless after I spend my introduction mocking the concept of tarot. After looking through a few possibilities I found an effect in T.A. Waters’ Mind, Myth, and Magick that I thought could be adapted well into a standalone presentation that didn’t require a reading.

I was a bit hesitant about uploading this since Dom usually gets a little raunchy whenever he participates, but considering I mostly perform in a bar with comedians, I have to expect some vulgar and risqué responses. I just need to get better at responding to them to keep things flowing while not going blue myself.

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