Last year gave us our first G5 holiday special and well, it’s okay. It’s kinda hard to be excited as FIM gave us four Hearth’s Warming episodes and a primetime holiday special. G4 really went all out for the holidays when it came to this time of year. And majority of the G4 holiday stuff was good. The only bad piece of holiday media was the Equestria Girls Holiday special from IDW.


That comic is still one of my most hated pieces of media from that era. I’d be better off forgetting it ever happened. In many ways this holiday special highlights a big issue that I have with this generation. Mind you, it isn’t bad but it feels too simple if that makes sense.

The Plot


As I said the plot is rather simple as follow the Mane Five (that doesn’t sound right) getting ready for the holidays as we open with the first song, I Just Can’t Wait for Wishentine’s Day.


This song is a bit interesting as it shows that new winter holidays have popped up since the time of G4 which I find a little odd as Nightmare Night is still celebrated but whatever.  The main thrust of this special is main character Sunny wants to spend the holidays with all of her friends even though they all have plans. Hitch plans to go see his Grand Mare, Izzy wants to go back to the forest where the unicorns live to see the Wishing Tree and Zipp and Pipp are to perform in a holiday concert in their kingdom as they are princesses. This is achieved through the introduction of the Mare Stream.



I don’t what it is about the Mare Stream but this is the first time I’ve seen something in MLP that felt like it was trying to sell me something. This is the most toyetic MLP has ever felt to me. This is where we get a ponified version of To Grandmother’s House We Go and learn each pony race has their own take on the song.


It’s cute but that’s about it and it is fun seeing Hitch being so uptight about holiday traditions as his grandmother doesn’t really care about if things change or not.

But that’s about all it is really, it’s just cute and even as someone that adores cute, there’s not much else to it. That book she’s reading is important to the special as it highlights old traditions of the unicorns and how their holiday greeting of “Frosty Shivers” is actually an old unicorn spell but they didn’t know that and saying that is a causing a massive snowstorm in Equestria.

Might as well get to this but at the end of the special after Zipp and Pipp perform.

Yeah, this is meant as more of a joke song as it’s a six act show. Though this does highlight an issue I have with the special as the songs  don’t serve much of a purpose and just stop the special cold. Perhaps this isn’t a fair comparison but I think of something like Seeds of the Past gives the audience into insight why Snowfall Frost is the way she is.

We don’t really get that here as the songs just stop the special. Anyway, after that the ponies return to Bridlewood aka the home of the unicorns and Izzy gets to stop saying Frosty Shivers and instead comes up with Warm Wishy Hoof. After taking care of this, the ponies return home and realize that they didn’t get presents for one another. Though Sunny says getting to spend the holidays with her friends was present enough and she shares with them a shooting star that she wanted to make sure they got home in time to see. It’s a cute ending to the special.


My Final Thoughts


This special is just okay and cute but that’s it. There isn’t anything else to this special and there isn’t much in this special to recommend it. It’s not bad but after the G4 holiday specials and even the movie that opened G5, it leaves me with a feeling of wanting more. Again, it’s not bad but it feels lacking.

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