The Strongest Jungle Sibling Friendship Ever

This “What if Person became Friends” meme originally belonged to MagicalKeyPizzaDan and is dedicated to everybody who finds the idea of Bundroc, Malb’yat, Tarzan, John Carter, Kavandavanda, Aroc, and Sheena being best friends with Anabebe, Tar-Chan, Rod, Nid, Michael, Matt, and Lisa. Sit back, relax, and soak in the epic, powerful, potent, and exciting friendship between The Royal Jungle Slaughterers and The Brawny Jungle Brawlers.

These two groups of mighty jungle warrior siblings each consisting of six musclebound brothers and one curvaceous sister may tear each other limb from limb. However, they have so much they share in common besides being two groups of jungle warrior siblings. All fourteen of them are passionate about various forms of hand-to-hand combat, tapping into their more feral sides against their opponents, and helping their fellow warriors reach their full physical potential. Most of all, they protect their jungle home with all of their strength and would never permit any poacher to encroach on their jungle and its inhabitants. What brings these two groups of seven-sibling jungle warrior rulers is not just their unparalleled physical strength in combat but also how close-knit they are as a family. Neither poachers nor predators nor warmongers would dare separate the bonds that The Royal Jungle Slaughterers and The Brawny Jungle Brawlers have as septets of jungle siblings. Should invaders encroach on their jungle, all fourteen jungle warrior siblings will tear them limb from limb with their bare hands, fangs, claws, and muscles.

The Royal Jungle Slaughterers and The Brawny Jungle Brawlers thoroughly signify an unbreakable friendship, thanks to finding common attributes and appreciating each other’s differences. Bundroc’s rugged virility as a caveman warrior king compliments Anabebe’s muscular manliness as an African tribal warrior. Malb’yat’s savage ferociousness and Tar-Chan’s staunch fierceness can be tamed by having both jungle men engaging in warm moments of unconditional brotherhood. Tarzan’s encouragement and Rod’s amicability are what positively influence each other to be the best versions of themselves. John’s staunchness and Nid’s valor, respectively toward Tarzan and Rod as their dearest brothers, are the attributes that constructively draw them together. Kavandavanda’s endurance and Michael’s competitive spirit consistently challenge each other to persevere amidst all odds. Aroc’s resilience and Matt’s determination constitute their everlastingly genuine bond. Sheena’s fierceness and Lisa’s toughness are the hallmarks of these two jungle queens’ sisterhoods. Their synergy toward each other knows no limits.

Bundroc’s, Malb’yat’s, Tarzan’s, John’s, Kavandavanda’s, Aroc’s, and Sheena’s epic friendships with Anabebe, Tar-Chan, Rod, Nid, Michael, Matt, and Lisa have grown from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. As children, the twelve jungle princes would start as rambunctious and rowdy in their play wrestling, while the two jungle princesses would compete in swimming and running. As teenagers, all fourteen jungle warrior sovereigns would practice various fighting styles such as Pankration, Lutte Senegalaise, Vale Tudo, Luta Livre, Hardcore Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, and Shootfighting. Between their teens and twenties, the twelve young jungle men also got into bodybuilding, while the two young jungle women got into circuit training. As adults, the twelve jungle men grew more muscular, got themselves into bodybuilding competitions, and were engaged in various mixed martial arts tournaments focusing on Vale Tudo and Lutte Senegalaise. The two jungle women grew into mighty combatants who were adept in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and Pankration while also being fitness models for top magazines.

All fourteen jungle warrior sovereigns partake in activities that they enjoy and have thoroughly defined them to this day. Bundroc, Malb’yat, Tarzan, John, Kavandavanda, Aroc, Anabebe, Tar-Chan, Rod, Nid, Michael, and Matt enjoy partaking in bodybuilding competitions either against each other or against more prominent bodybuilders. The twelve jungle men even enjoy flaunting their glorious muscles for their dear little sisters Sheena and Lisa. Aside from bodybuilding, Bundroc, Malb’yat, Tarzan, John, Kavandavanda, Aroc, Anabebe, Tar-Chan, Rod, Nid, Michael, and Matt also love engaging in weightlifting contests, Pankration matches, wrestling bouts, or boxing rounds either in G-strings or completely naked. Sheena and Lisa also love to compete with each other in swimming, marathon running, boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and weightlifting. Moreover, they enjoy seeing their older brothers’ bodybuilding, weightlifting, and Pankration matches either in G-strings or in the nude because they find it charmingly amusing to witness their handsomely muscular bodies in the flesh and are joyously watching them.

These fourteen jungle warrior sovereigns may appreciate and care for every animal in their jungle home. However, the animals they identify with are giant cats, specifically Bengal tigers, African lions, and even ligers. Both pairs of jungle warrior siblings may come from different tribes, with The Royal Jungle Slaughterers from the Mangani tribe and The Brawny Jungle Brawlers from the Savannah Tribe. Nevertheless, they unite with each other like a pride of lions protecting their families from all harm. All fourteen jungle warrior sovereigns possess roars that can intimidate all of their enemies and make them scamper away like the worms that they are. Should poachers, looters, polluters, and invaders be so brazen to tarnish the Mangani and Savannah tribes of the jungle, both groups of seven-sibling jungle warriors would make like the mighty lions that they are, unleash powerfully earth-shattering roars, and charge at them with all of their might. Subsequently, all fourteen jungle warrior sovereigns would tap into their feral side and slash their enemies using their fangs, claws, and muscles for brutality and leverage.

There you have it, folks. A powerfully mighty friendship forged between The Royal Jungle Slaughterers of the Mangani Tribe (Bundroc, Malb’yat, Tarzan, John Carter, Kavandavanda, Aroc, and Sheena) and The Brawny Brawlers of the Savannah Tribe (Anabebe, Tar-Chan, Rod, Nid, Michael, Matt, and Lisa) built to last for millennia. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and always make strong friendships with your fellow jungle warrior sovereigns, everybody.

Bundroc, Malb’yat, Tarzan, John Carter, Kavandavanda, and Aroc belong to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Dell, and Gold Key Comics.

Sheena belongs to Will Eisner and Jerry Eiger.

Anabebe, Tar-Chan, Rod Sootmore, Nid Sootmore, Michael Corgan, Matt Corgan, and Lisa Corgan from Jungle No Ouja Tar-Chan belong to Masaya Tokuhiro, Shueisha, and Group TAC.

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