I am back again with another Nancy Drew Christmas review. This is now the fourth time I’ve looked at a series featuring Little Nancy and from what I understand this series was the first time that an eight-year-old Nancy Drew had been featured in anything. However, the way the illustrator drew Nance and her friends made me suspect that these were some tall third-graders.


Something I found somewhat annoying though I do get it is that in this series there is a mean girl named Brenda I get it for this series as this was a common trend and she does serve as a red herring character for the mystery that little Nance is trying to solve but at points, she felt like a non-entity to the story.




I feel like the cover has almost too much going on if that makes sense as we see Nance snooping around in her third-grade class with another girl looking on annoyed as Nancy snoops.  It’s not bad but I feel like this is a case of less is more.


Yeah, this other cover is much better in my opinion as it gets the Christmas idea across better while the other cover does do a better job of capturing the idea of the story.


The Plot


The plot of this book can be broken down into three different days as you see Nancy’s class is doing a three-day Secret Santa.  On the first day, they have to bring in a card, on the second day, a lunch and on the third day a small and inexpensive gift.  I gotta say I get the card and gift but the lunch thing seems odd to me and like you are asking these parents to spend a lot of money on tykes that their kiddos may not be friends with.  The mystery starts when Nance realizes she doesn’t have a card and continues over the following two days as she doesn’t get a lunch and it seems like she won’t get a present either.


At first, Nance seems to think that it might be the mean girl I mentioned named Brenda, and that upsets Nancy there is a point where Nancy was about ready to cry and I just wanted to give her a hug as I felt so bad for the little girl that she was missing out on the festive celebrations.   Over the course of the book though Nance wonders what is going on but she soon figures out someone has been stealing her Secret Santas.  Nancy is upset at first until she finds out the person that was stealing her Secret Santas had been getting rotten joke presents from the boy assigned as her Secret Santa and Nancy decided when out shopping with her caretaker Hannah, she brought a Santa plush for the girl that had been stealing from her as she felt bad that her Secret Santa had just been pranking her.



My Final Thoughts


This was cute but nothing too special.  It was a cute little story following young Nancy. Well while these books with young Nancy are cute, when I close out this event I’ll be looking at a book featuring a grown-up Nancy teaming up with the Hardy Boys in NYC as we look at…






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