Ah the holidays are upon us again and this is my favorite time of year. And much like Halloween I’ll be looking at holiday books for things I’m a fan of but I won’t be doing these daily as that took a lot out of me last time. Anyway we are once again starting with eight year old Nancy Drew though I must put an asterisk next to this being a holiday review as the holidays are never mentioned but it is set during winter break for the girls.






The cover is cute but seeing as I listened to the audiobook I’m a bit miffed that company RecordBooks decided to cut off part of the cover with those red banners. Here’s what the cover should look like.

Those banners cover a lot of the cover that’s pretty cute when you can see all the details. You’ve got the Clue Crew working on their snowman Sherlock with the broccoli nose and blue scarf. And there’s something in the background that is kinda hard to make out.


Cassandra Morris


I apologize for not having a picture of the narrator but when I looked her up, I couldn’t verify if it was her or not. Still, I must say Morris did a good job capturing that little kid voice for Nance and her friends at this  point in their young lives. Side note, I was surprised to find out Ned exists and is a fourth grader. I guess that makes sense as he’s always been older than Nancy but it’s so weird to see this book refer to him as Nancy’s good friend when I’ve always known him as her boyfriend.



The Plot


This is my second outing with the Clue Crew and I’ve noticed at times the story and mystery can feel a bit disconnected and that was the case here with this story.  While the story starts with the girls building the snowman Sherlock that we see on the cover, it really takes off when a classmate of the girls named Deidra says that she is a fortune teller called Madame Choclotta that can predict he future by reading marshmallows in people’s hot chocolate.  Pretty silly but on par with what you’d expect from an eight-year-old fortune teller.  And the fortunes are pretty silly like the Drews will have pizza for dinner and a pizza is delivered to their house that night or a girl will get a puppy.  This is when the girls are clued in as they see a fellow classmate trying to steal Nance’s puppy, Chip.  Turns out a friend of the fortune teller was trying to make the fortunes come true as he didn’t want her to be disappointed.


This is also where the snowman named Sherlock comes into play as he goes missing as predicted by the fortune teller.  As he dsiappears the day afer they build him and this also ties into another fortune that Bess would fall and hurt herself before a big ice skating show.  That does happen and FYI I just love how girly Bess is in these books.   This leads the girls to do some research and contact foruth-grader Ned to ask if they know about an older kid that pulls pranks.  They find him and he admits that he pulled some of the pranks but he stopped messign with snowmen in the second grade.   Nance hears a report about the abominable snowman and wonders if that has anything to do with this.





Well no but that’d be fun and this is where the mysteries sart to come together as the snowman is tied into Bess’s ice skating show.  I don’t want to say too much else but the reveal makes sense and it does have a cute finish for the book.


My Final Thoughts


This was a cute book and a fun start to the winter season. While it may not be Christmassy, I thought it was cute.  We aren’t done with little Nancy just yet as I’ll be looking at an actual Christmas book featuring little Nancy from the frist series t0 de-age her as I look at book from The Nancy Drew Notebooks.


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