To celebrate three years of performing, I do a take on a classic of mentalism (well, modern classic)

Spoon bending is one of the routines I’ve tried hardest to get right since I started practicing. While it seems simple, I’ve learned that pulling it off successfully is much harder than it looks. for as much as I’ve attempted so many different handlings and props to get the movements down, and even then it still doesn’t come off as ideally as I would’ve hoped. Still, the crowd from this night’s show appeared to enjoy it (sorry if the final bend isn’t that clear on the camera), so this is one I’ll definitely keep working on until I’ve gotten it right.

As much as I rag on Uri Geller, he really does know how turn metal bending into an artform. I just wish he’d admit it was a trick and stop trying to pass it off as legitimate psychic powers.

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