Hey guys! Gerawallstar here and I am here to review my first anime movie review titled Sailor Moon R The Movie. In my opinion, I love this movie.

Story: The stort is about Sailor Moon and her friends saving earth from the evil Fiore. The story is fantastic. It’s very well-written. What makes the story executed great is in how the story establishes the characters. Every time I see a character have a backstory, or a funny moment it makes the viewers get vested in these characters. That what makes the story here work. The action scenes are phenomenal. The stakes these characters have to go through to save earth is handled really well. The ending where Usagi says “I protect you, no matter what” almost made me shed a tear. If there is one con I have to give the story, It is this: as controversial as this is, I think that Usagi should’ve died. The death fake-out was unnecessary in my opinion. But like I said before, the story is written well and the emotional aspects/action scenes are handled amazingly. I give the story nine stars.
Just like the story, the animation is beautiful. I love the watercolor style that is used in the original series. It reminds me of the watercolor used in Disney films i.e. Dumbo. I like how it is used in this film too. The action scenes where the characters show off their powers are very colorful and gorgeous to look at. The effects used in the fight scenes look brilliant to watch. The different environments in most of the planets are nice to look at. The animation shines. I give the animation ten stars.
The characters are given a chance to share the spotlight and I enjoy seeing these characters interact with each other and show their love towards the titular character. Speaking of titular character, I find Usagi(Sailor Moon) to be very funny and loyal. I love how she goes through every length to save earth, her friends and her lover Mamoro. I found Mamaru to be very boring. The other characters i.e. Saturn, mars, and Jupiter to be very engaging. Their backstories presented in the film are great. I even like the transformation of the fire soul attack used by Sailor Mars. sequences in My personal favorite is Minakos backstory. The best character in the movie is the villain Fiore. I loved how he uses his flowers as a creative way to attack Usagi. He’s also manipulative and threatening,which makes me love him as a villain. The characters are amazing just like in the anime. I give the characters nine stars.
Sailor Moon R The Movie is a wonderful movie to watch. It has an engaging story, breathtaking animation and stellar characters. I recommend this movie and especially for fans of the Sailor Moon anime. I give this movie nine stars out of ten. 9/10.

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  1. I want to see this movie, but your review doesn’t really go into a lot of detail. Who is Fiore, why does she want to destroy Earth, what obstacles does she put in the path of the Sailor Senshi?

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