Chawanda the Mighty Werelion

My OC drawing of Chawanda the Werelion, which is my submission for this year’s Monster Mash Party on DeviantArt, is dedicated to those who fancy the idea of a mightily muscular werelion ready to pounce on poachers and prey alike to have them for his meal. Sit back, relax, and soak in Chawanda’s ruthless intimidation and muscular virility.

Hailing from the lush jungles of Zimbabwe, Chawanda the Werelion is a powerfully feral bodybuilder warrior who is prepared to crush his enemies using his magnificent muscles, razor-sharp fangs, eviscerating claws, and unbridled animal instincts. He possesses the upright features of a man and the feral instincts of a lion, thus making him every bit of an African jungle king he can ever be. Chawanda’s ferociousness and super strength are legendary, as he has accomplished several superhuman feats such as bench-pressing giant boulders, slashing and biting his prey to smithereens using his claws and fangs, and punching extremely hard objects from steel walls to tall trees. Combined with his reputation for being ferociously formidable is his strong desire to protect his jungle home from invaders and poachers. Chawanda’s main martial art is known as Total Power Fighting which combines Pankration, Ancient Pugilism, Senegalese Wrestling, Moraingy, Kapu Kuialua, Vale Tudo, and Professional Wrestling, especially when he uses his liver punches, piledrivers, torture racks, neck cranks, rabbit punches, bearhugs, and sharpshooters. When he is not in combat in various arenas, Chawanda is also a bodybuilder and muscle model who revels in flaunting his huge and gorgeously shaped muscles for the world to see. His virile appeal and muscular beastliness have established him as one of the most handsome feral jungle kings in all of Africa. He has even served as a formidable sparring partner to Zula of the Wasai Tribe, Conan of Cimmeria, Ka-Zar of the Savage Lands, Arkon of Polemachus, Namor, Anabebe, Tar-Chan, Namontack, Kocoum, Hercules, George of the Jungle, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli and even considers himself to be their best friend plus brother from another mother for life. Chawanda may be fearsomely ferocious on the outside, but he is virile, muscular, strong, and intrepid who is the definition of musclebound beastliness and feral virility rolled into one leonine package.

When I was creating my design for Chawanda, I immediately had Scar from The Lion King, Kaj the head Leopard Man from Disney’s The Legend of Tarzan, Blanka from the Street Fighter franchise, and Broly from the Dragon Ball franchise rolled into one aesthetically muscular adoptable. The process of creating Chawanda based on the installments I have been growing up with as a child was exciting and fun because I got to combine the intimidating factors of a werelion with the muscular virility of my favorite fighting anime and game characters including Blanka and Broly. Therefore, Chawanda the Mighty Werelion is a welcome addition to my OCs, I am proud of who I created, and I will always cherish him.

I hope you enjoy Chawanda in his beastly and muscular glory, and I hope you all had a Happy Halloween. Take care, stay safe, and please start showing your appreciation for Chawanda the Mighty Werelion, everybody.

Chawanda the Werelion belongs to me.

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