Today I close out my look at Barbie Halloween comics with Barbie Fashion # 24 and well today’s comic features the lengthiest story but the least happens in it and it is also the least Haloweeny even though it is set on the holiday.  Quite a shame really,  I’m not saying that this comic is bad as it’s fine but setting it on Halloween serves no purpose for the story.  You could remove Halloween from the story and it’d be exactly the same.







The cover is the most Halloween thing about this book with Barbie, Skipper and I believe Midge in a pumpkin patch holding up Jack-O’Lanterns.  I am so looking forward to getting to review something featuring brunette Skipper in the future as blonde Skipper is killing me every time I look at her.  This is my Skipper, she’s my favorite character from the Barbie franchise but blonde Skipper is not that character.


Again, I’m a newer fan and I know Skipper has had many looks but I can’t stand blonde Skipper, she looks too much like her big sister with blonder hair.   Sorry sorry but it’s a pet peeve of mine.  Besides that, I like the rest of the cover with the girls standing in the pumpkin field as it’s fun and the fashion may be dated by today’s standards but it looks good on them.



The Plot


Barbie’s friend Christie gets a new job at The Orange Computer Company which I’m guessing was meant to be a parody of Apple Computers and to celebrate Barbie decides to throw her a party but in the process, she ends up ignoring her friend and hurts her friend’s feelings and because it’s Halloween, she decides to make it a costume party.  That’s basically it.  You see Barbie going all over town getting supplies such as going grocery shopping with Ken and Christie not wanting to go to Barbie’s as she is hurt by Barbie ignoring her until it’s revealed that it’s a party for her.




The Barbie franchise must love that bee costume or it’s hand-me-down in the Roberts family as Stacie is wearing a bee costume on a more recent Halloween picture book.



I guess Chelsea will eventually wear it or in the case of when this book was released Kelly as Chelsea didn’t exist yet but the point stands and it is rather funny seeing a bee costume on two different pieces of Barbie media from two different eras of the doll’s life.


My Final Thoughts


This is just okay but Halloween barely plays a role in this story, you could remove it and nothing would change about the story being told.  Again I am not it’s bad but there really was no need for the story to be set on Halloween as it has nothing to do with the holiday.  Bit of a bummer that this is the last Halloween review featuring Barbie this year but I do have plans for other Barbie reviews in the future.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed this new endeavor as it’s been fun getting to delve into a franchise that I am just starting to become a fan of.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween with Barbie: Congrats for Christie (Barbie Fashion # 24)

    1. Yep, there’s Barbie, Skipper and Stacie and when this was written Kelly I wanna say but her name was later changed to Chelsea. Stacie is the third oldest Roberts sister and is portrayed as the sporty one.

    1. Yeah especially as the other two Barbie Halloween comics which weren’t actually set at the holiday did more to evoke the spooky feeling. The first was Scooby-Doo esque story with Barbie and Skipper in a haunted castle and the other was Barbie going into a house haunted by a ghost that is too friendly to be scary.

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