Another Nightmare Night is upon us and as I’ve said time and again before now that we are in the G5 era, it is starting to get a little more complicated to find material to look at. I had planned on covering Tierk for this year but that would have included his episodes and as I’ve said in my other series, I don’t want to look at film and television regarding the strike.  So, I’ll perhaps save him for next year.  I had also considered looking at an earlier comic from the G5 run of IDW comics but A. the title mistakenly led me to believe that it was an anthology full of various spooky stories but no, only one story in the comic and furthermore it falls towards the end of the Old Man Discord arc so plucking one comic out to review from a larger angle felt like a bad idea.





Now this issue deals with things I am unfamiliar with I.E. social media horror and creepypastas. I believe the creature seen on the cover is meant to be a reference to the Slender Man.




This is taken further when seeing how the ponies now have their own version of Reddit. Oh gawd, pony incels might exist.  Anyhow this subreddit warns our characters to not partake in a seance that will summon the spirit of The Old Nag.




Seeing ponies uses social media and tablets will never not be weird considering how G4 while also including some technology had more of a magical feel to it compared to G5 where the new generation seems to be going for a mix of magic and technology.






As I mentioned, the cover seems to be paying tribute to creepypasta creatures such as the aforementioned Slender Man. It does a good job of evoking the feel of horror and dread with the strange-looking creature sitting behind the Mane 5.


The Plot


The thing that propels the story is Pipp, the social media starlet of G5 is in a frump because people seem to be unsuscbring from her channel as things have been going back to normal. This motivation might seem shallow but I do get where Pipp is coming from as engagement is important and it does feel relatable for someone who blogs such as myself.  You kind of want to know if people are enjoying what you put out.  Her sister Zipp doesn’t think this is a good idea and seems to think that she is missing the point of the story and I can see that in a way, it’s almost as if Pipp is using the tragedy of The Old Nag for her content.  Think Logan Paul and the Suicide Forest and the outcry that came with that.



She informs her friends Sunny and Izzy about the story of The Old Nag.  It seems as though going by the Reddit post that the Nag’s friends were ghosting her as they were just rather cruel to her planning a birthday party for her and never showing up for said party.  The Reddit post lays out in detail what you’ll need to summon The Old Nag.  And this is where the comic takes an interesting shift as it starts to look more like found footage movies and I think Paranormal Activity is invoked when it’s mentioned to set up cameras in every room in case they miss something while sleeping.  Over the three nights,  things start to get strange such as a stuffed horse floating in the air and looking as though it’s flying towards Izzy.




This stuff is fun and I appreciate the found footage angle of the comic as that is something that doesn’t seem to pop up a lot in printed media.  Eventually, The Old Nag does show up and I gotta say I dig the look as it’s rightly creepy.



Perhaps because I’ve been rewatching Linkara’s Ringu manga reviews,  I wondered if The Old Nag was meant to be based on Sadako/Samara.  Not completely there but the design does seem close in resemblance to me.



Probably not but that is where my brain went, it is eventually revealed that The Old Nag is just Zipp trying to teach her younger sister a lesson having gone too far.   However, the book seems to suggest at the end that The Old Nag was real after all.






My Final Thoughts


This was a cute and fun story that felt nice for this time of year and a good showing for the G5 ponies.  While my heart will always belong to G4 first and foremost,  the G5 Ponies do have good outings such as this comic.  It’s a rather fun story of A.  being careful with what you do to make yourself look better and not take things too far.  As I’ve said it’s weird to me to see ponies using social media but this story makes it work in a way that is plausible and sets up what the story is about.


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