We continue our look at Barbie Halloween material with the second story from the Barbie Halloween special.  While the first story is short and is a fun Scooby-Doo-like story, this one is even shorter and at times feels a bit more cliche in ways, that isn’t to say that it’s bad but rather that this story has been played out many times before.



The Plot


Barbie has agreed to help her friend Derek (who I mistakenly thought was Ken) to take pictures in a haunted house in hopes of catching a picture of a ghost.  He believes that a picture featuring a model and a ghost will be big but Barbie doesn’t believe the house is haunted and Derek is afraid that she might be right so he hires a kid to pretend to be a ghost and a villain named Mr. C. Ment (Oh now I get it)  has his lackey pretend to be a ghost as he wants to scare Barbie out of the house as he wants to tear it down and build a parking lot.  This goes nowhere,  there was no need for this character in the story really.





Yeah, it turns out that there is a ghost in the house but to say he’s haunting it is an understatement as he’s a very timid fella but he does eventually end up scaring the two fakers.




My Final Thoughts


This is a cute little story that is a fun story and Barbie is actually quite nice to the ghost as she is with most beings and finds a way to encourage the ghost.  Still, I think the Creepington Castle story is slightly better Join me next time as I close out my look at Barbie Halloween comics as I look at


Barbie Fashion # 24






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