Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Tangled fan and it is always a treat when I get to talk about something related to my favorite Disney movie during this time of year. In the past, I’ve looked at various episodes from the TV series that would be perfect for this time of year and I have been considering doing a scariest moments list regarding Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure but that’ll probably be next year.  However, I did find something fun,  Disney has a series of books called 5-Minute Stories.   The title tells you exactly what to expect short 5-minute stories that I imagine parents can read with their kiddos. I found a Halloween version on the Hoopla app and checked it out from my library.   Of course, there were many other stories focusing on other Disney characters celebrating the holiday.  Perhaps I’ll look at those in the future but seeing there was a Tangled story won me over and made me decide that is the one I wanted to cover.


With this being such a short story,  I don’t feel there is much of a need to go into a to go into full plot.  The best way to sum up this story is Rapunzel invents Halloween traditions.  Okay, so the word Halloween is never said in this story but Rapunzel while still trapped in the tower notices the full moon it looks like marmalade to her and she decides that she and Pascal should have a Marmalade Moon Night Party that includes events such as bobbing for apples, making costumes and whatever else you’d expect to happen at Halloween party.




There is a cute moment where Rapunzel tries to carve a watermelon la Jack-O’Lantern.  It doesn’t exactly work as planned but it’s an adorable moment for the best Disney princess.




It’s fun and I find the ending of Rapunzel and Pascal looking out her tower at the moon to be rather sweet knowing that one day she’ll get the freedom to leave her tower and walk underneath the moonlight with people that truly love her.


So yeah,  this was cute and has made me interested in wanting to check out the other stories and perhaps I’ll due that in the future but I couldn’t pass up talking about a Tangled story for this time of year.  Join me next time as I look at an adaption of the most famous vampire story starring Mickey Mouse.












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