Frozen may not be a franchise one thinks of when it comes to this time of year and that is only because they have not read the tie-in books. Frozen being a popular movie for The Mouse has led to a lot and I mean a lot of tie-in books.  Including a series of books about Anna and Elsa’s adventures after the end of the first book that are elementary level.  Having said that there seems to be confusion as to whether or not this book this book is a part of that series or not.  From what I have found,  some websites list it with the Anna & Elsa title and it was a digital exclusive. So perhaps, it is a part of that series.



Landry Quinn Walker




Here’s something rather annoying, the author’s name was not listed on the cover.  Thankfully, it is on the title page but still.  Walker seems to have quite a bit of work in the IP realm writing Star Wars books.  And looking at it some more I’m leaning towards this book not being part of the Anna & Elsa series as those were written by Erica David and having listened to those this year and read this, they are similar but different in how the characters are handled.





I like the cover as it conveys the idea of the story,  Anna and Elsa get lost in a secret passageway after they hear what they think is a ghost.  Also, something about the way Anna is holding the candelabra is making me giggle like she thinks she’ll be able to thwomp a ghost with it.  It reminds me of how Owen Wilson’s character in the new Haunted Mansion movie brings a gun to use against the ghost, neither would be effective against the undead.



The Plot


Yeah, I kind of gave away the plot in the cover section.  Although there is a bit more to than that, Gerda one of the Arendelle staff has given a book to Olaf that he read to him called Do Not Laugh at Phantoms so the huggable snowman decides to search for ghosts in Arendelle Castle and the stuff is cute if a bit basic.  Like saying ghosts wear sheets.




There’s also the plot device of Anna and Elsa planning events for one another which seems to be a common reoccurrence in Frozen tie-in media that they feel like the other is so busy so they don’t take time to be sisters that they plan an event.  In this case, both of the Arendelle girls were planning a party for one another.  This causes them to get trapped inside the secret passage inside the castle and the moaning and ghostly noises they hear are just Olaf and a pig that Anna was trying to convince her big sister, could be a spy pig.  I love Anna but I’m not Spy Pig is a great idea.  Also, Anna had one of the cutest moments in the book when Elsa comments that Anna used to chew on books as a little girl.



There may not have been a real phantom in this book but getting lost in the secret passageway did bring the sisters closer together in a way as it reminded them of their childhood.



My Final Thoughts


This was but a sampler of what Frozen can offer during this time of year.  The next two Frozen books I’ll look at this month will delve more into the horror and supernatural that you can expect.  Still, this was a fun start for things to come.  Join me next as we look at a Tangled Halloween story.



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