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Tangled is the 50th Disney animation film that was released in 2010. This film is definitely one of the critical, and financially successful Disney films in a long time. In my opinion, I love this film. Its not in my top 10 best films or anything, but I still love this film.


The story is about a princess named Rapunzel who goes dreams of leaving the tower to go to the castle, but she is stopped by mother gothel. Now this story is definitely one of the greatest adaptations of the Rapunzel fairytale. The story here flows really well, and it has a lot of interesting scenes. There is a lot of comedy involved in this film, and it really works out to this films advantage, with the fast pacing of the film. I died laughing when Rapunzel hit Flynn Rider repeatedly with a frying pan. Speaking of the Frying Pan, I loved how the writers used the Frying Pan as a tool for Flynn to fight off some bad guys. The interactions between Maximus Horse, and Flynn was hilarious. The action scenes between Mother Gothel, and Rapunzel was very good. The romance scene between Rapunzel, and Flynn at the lake was amazing. The ending was very good too. What are my flaws with the story so far? My major flaw with the story is that its too fast paced. The pacing for the film is good, but it definitely goes too far with the fast pacing to the point where I wish the film would slow down a little. Another flaw that I have is the predictable scene where Flynn gets hurt, but somehow lives. This may not be a huge deal to everyone, since this is a Disney film, but that was just my small nitpick. But aside from that, the story here is brilliant, funny and a great use of the Rapunzel fairytale. I give the story nine stars.


Wow Disney. You really outdone yourselves this time around with the animation. This is an example of a big improvement in animation so far. The CGI is phenomenal. The character designs, the backgrounds, and the animal characters are designed perfectly in the 3D setting. What makes the animation here stand out though is the hair of Rapunzel. The animators did an outstanding job utilizing every aspect of the hair, especially when it glows. Fun fact: this was the most expensive Disney film to make at the time because of animating the hair, costing about $260 million. And this results how hard the animators worked on the hair. I loved the CGI animation here. Although I do prefer The Princess and the Frog’s animation style a little better, because of the old school hand drawn animation. This animation is an amazing start on what will be expected in the future Disney 3D films. Disney has come a long way from Chicken Little. I give the animation ten stars.


The characters here are very charming, and loveable. Lets start with Rapunzel. Rapunzel is a great character, and a great Disney princess. What makes her character stand out is her curiosity towards the outside world, her chemistry towards Flynn Rider, and how she is so determined to get out of the tower that she has been stuck for 18 years. Flynn Rider is a great character too. Sure he starts off as arrogant in the beginning of the film, but he does get better as the film progresses. Mother Gothel is a great Disney villain. She is very manipulative, witty, and mean spirited in an excellent way. My main flaw with her is how she acts all buddy buddy-ish while being very evil in the third act. It almost feels like a twist villain trend coming on. The side characters are also enjoyable. Maximus the Horse is hilarious. Every scene he is in, makes me laugh so hard. He is definitely my favorite animal character from Disney so far. Pascal the Chameleon is also very funny in the film. The characters are brilliant. The biggest thing that ruins the characters are the voice acting. Don’t get me wrong: the celebrities i.e. Mandy Moore and Donna Murphy have done an astounding performance in their roles. I just wish that this movie uses professional actors instead of celebrities. I disliked this because the celebrities were used to market this movie and make this movie sell better tickets. Its just distracting seeing celebrities in a film like this. I loved all of the characters here. I give the characters nine stars.


The biggest problem with this film are the songs. The songs are not that bad, they’re just not that good. The songs feel like modern Broadway/pop songs, and they do feel out of place for a movie like this. The beginning song “When will my life begin” is a forgettable and terrible montage song, except for the decent reprise. “The villain song “Mother knows best” is a lot better. It’s a good villain song. Its not as great as the other villain songs, but Mandy Moore does a good job singing it. The reprise however, is very memorable. “I’ve got a dream” is a hilarious song. I like it. The song that is my favorite, and absolutely one of the best in this film is the romance song ”I’ve seen the light.” This song is memorable, and an amazing romance song. The floating lamps and the romantic mood really make this song so brilliant. It really feels like “Kiss the girl” from The Little Mermaid all over again. The healing song was just okay. The credits song “Something that I want” is just bad.  The songs here are decent, but they are very forgettable. Its actually disappointing since the music was made from the legendary Alan Menken. Im sorry but I think he could’ve done better with the music. I give the songs six stars.


Overall, Tangled is an amazing movie that really brought Disney back into the glory days of the renaissance.  I do have some problems with the songs, and celebrities but Tangled shows that Disney is in a revival now, because of the critical, and more importantly, financial success. The Princess and the Frog may have kickstarted the revival era, but Tangled being the critical/financial successful film of the new era, Disney is back on track in the mainstream movie industry! I give this movie nine stars out of ten.


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