The Cheetah Girls

Hey guys. Gerawallstar here, and I am here to review something totally different from what I normally review. I will review my second live-action disney film. The film I will review is the 2003 Disney channel film “The Cheetah Girls.” I loved The Cheetah Girls. Now I remember seeing this movie when it came out back in August 2003, and I enjoyed it. I still love The Cheetah Girls, as an adult.


The Cheetah Girls had an amazing cast. The characters such as Raven Symone, Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina, Keily Williams, etc all have done an outstanding performance. The writing is pretty good too. I like the message presented here about never being mean to your friends and appreciating those around you. The songs? The songs are actually the best part of the movie. Fun fact: The songs were produced and directed by the late Whitney Houston. Her producing the songs in the film proves how excellent the songs are in this film. They are well-written also catchy songs too. My favorite songs on there are “Girl Power”, and “Cheetah Sisters.” This movie also has some dark and powerful moments. For example: the scenes where Dorinda confronted Chanel that her mother gave her up when she was a baby, and another scene where Chanel tells her mom how much she has appreciated the stuff that she has done to her are done so well that you can feel the pain that these characters go through. I even liked how Galleria’s mother refused to let her daughter go and sing to the record producer Jackal. You do not see things like that in modern Disney channel shows. I know a lot of people didnt like the annoyingness of how the movie focuses on catchphrases, giggling and saying “cheetahs!”, but honestly I don’t mind it here. It adds the charm of the movie and its not as bad as a lot of people put it out to be.


There are three things that I didn’t like about this movie. I really didn’t like the Galleria character that much. Don’t get me wrong, Raven Symone did a wonderful performance in this movie, and I loved seeing her starring in this movie, but her character never stood out to me that much. I just find her a little selfish. Especially in some scenes where she blew their chances of singing in the talent show, when she agreed to produce a record deal to Jackal in the day of the talent show, and in the Bedroom scene when Channel told her out that Dorinda was a foster child, she was focused more on the record deal, instead of her. Like are you serious? I also did not like the climax. Spoilers but in the climax, Galleria’s dog named Toto gets stuck in a sewer, and a lot of the townspeople and news crew were suddenly there trying to get it out, and the only way to get the dog out is by having the cheetah girls/townsfolk singing. Its a d@#n dog for crying out loud! If it was a child or a famous animal from TV, I would understand this being big. But a dog stuck being a big deal makes absolutely no sense to me.  The ending is a little too predictable. I mean come on. We know that the Cheetah girls are going to win the talent show, despite Galleria blew their chances of participating in it, throughout the film. Also, I never understood why they would win because they never entered or even made the competition in the talent show.


Overall, The Cheetah Girls is a great Disney Channel film. It does have its problems with the main character, climax and ending. Fortunately, the good stuff i.e nostalgic feel, the songs being amazing, and the relatable characters makes this an enjoyable movie to watch. I definitely recommend watching this to your kids. I give this film an 8/10.


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