I perform Bruce Bernstein’s “A Matter of Time”

I was able to get a copy of Bruce Bernstein’s “Unreal” recently since it’s being reprinted (these don’t happen often, but they’re a godsend for magic book collectors on a budget). When I started reading I felt like it was a wasted investment though as the routines in the first chapter either didn’t appeal to me or had alternate handlings for tricks I already do in a way I’m more comfortable with. However, the further I went the more impressive the material became, culminating in the final chapter. That single chapter is devoted to more than a dozen variations of this effect. Intrigued by the premise, I found the approach that I felt would work best and decided to give it a shot. I’d like to think that using songs I enjoy rather than just relying on standard hits helped lend a more personal touch to the routine.

I admit that my performance isn’t the best here. The lighting was set up differently so I wasn’t addressing the camera most of the time, and I had to quickly correct Dom in the process, which threw me off my game a bit for the rest of the set. But I think I salvaged it in the end; everyone said they liked it. So I’ll be keeping this in my set list as I try to refine it.

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