Greetings, anime fans, martial arts aficionados, fighting game devotees, and enthusiasts of all things about anime, martial arts, video games, and fighting tournaments. Antoni here with another written entry. As a follow-up to my previous post regarding my fourteen seven-person anime martial arts team-ups, I thought it would be nice to feature an idea born out of my good friend, Jeffrey Quick aka Ginga1122. He has been wanting his OTP Dudley and Daisy from the 2010 Nickelodeon cartoon T.U.F.F. Puppy to be featured in my anime martial arts AU headcanon consisting of fourteen teams of seven anime characters each possessing different combat styles. Well, Jeff, your wish has come true. Mind you, I have also put Dudley’s and Daisy’s human ages on show. As for the martial arts, they will learn from each group, they will be divided into weeks and sorted according to the individual signature techniques they will learn per anime martial artist. Enjoy.
Tokyo, Japan. May 17, 2014, which was the date that “Girlfriend or Foe?” aired on Nicktoons Network. 26-year-old Dudley Puppy and his 24-year-old wife Daisy Spaniel-Puppy were enthusiastic to set foot in Tokyo for fourteen weeks of total martial arts immersion. Joining them were their seven children: 4-year-old twin sons Damien Callum Puppy and Darren Carlton Puppy, 3-year-old triplet sons Dennis Edward Puppy, David Elmer Puppy, and Devon Ezekiel Puppy; and 2-year-old twin daughters Dorothy Grace Puppy and Dominique Glory Puppy. The Puppy family set into their new apartment with their bags unpacked and itineraries ready for fourteen weeks of intense martial arts training. Damien, Darren, Dennis, David, Devon, Dorothy, and Dominique were still very young toddlers trying out what their parents were about to get themselves into. Nevertheless, they were about to soak in new skills that would help them grow into the valiant fighters that their parents were.
Dudley and Daisy, given their occupations of working as agents and combat specialists for the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force or T.U.F.F. for short, saw in their little children’s eyes that they were just as excited to learn the techniques that their parents were going to learn. Therefore, they agreed that their children needed to start out young for them to grow well as fighters. Time waited for nobody. Dudley and Daisy prepared themselves for some intense training, while their seven children were going to be as immersed as their parents were. The journey has just begun, learning various techniques and trying to remain in one piece.
Week 1- The Splendid Seven of Nerima: Feral Beasts Roar (Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran)
Dudley’s and Daisy’s first mentors were a septet of Yokai martial artists renowned for their feral brutality in international martial arts tournaments. They were excited to train under them, as their children also heard great stories of Sesshoumaru’s deadly chokes, Shuran’s brute strength, Inuyasha’s rampaging brawn, Hakkaku’s undying charm, Ginta’s unwavering charisma, Ayame’s determined fierceness, and Shunran’s gorgeous elegance. Their parents reminded them that they were famous for winning against opponents stronger than they were. One example was during the winter 2004 Austrian Alps martial arts tournament.
  • Day 1- Mixed Martial Arts with 33-year-old Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha (Kimuras)
  • Day 2- Professional Wrestling with 32-year-old Shuran from Inuyasha (piledrivers)
  • Day 3- Pankration with 32-year-old Inuyasha from Inuyasha (tracheal grip chokes)
  • Day 4- Muay Boran with 31-year-old Hakkaku from Inuyasha (upward headbutts)
  • Day 5- Lethwei with 31-year-old Ginta from Inuyasha (downward headbutts)
  • Day 6- Kyuk Too Ki with 29-year-old Ayame from Inuyasha (Superman punches)
  • Day 7- Shaolin Kung Fu with 28-year-old Shunran from Inuyasha (nerve strikes)
Week 2- The Radioactive Rebels of Shinjuku: Vicious Cyclones Cometh (Shido, Ban, Ginji, Kyuzo, Heihachi, Satella, and Akemi)
After dealing with an enormous number of thrashings from the seven Yokai warriors with attitude, it was off to Shinjuku to encounter Dudley’s and Daisy’s next set of mentors. If they thought that their previous training week was ferocious, the second week was going to be more lethally taxing. Shido Fuyuki, Ban Mido, and Ginji Amano were famous for trapping their opponents using various joint locks and chokeholds. Kyuzo and Heihachi Hayashida possessed lightning-fast kicks. Satella Harvenheit and Akemi Takaishi used their strikes as weapons of mass destruction. Dudley and Daisy would need stealth to endure this week.
  • Day 8- Japanese Jujutsu with 34-year-old Shido Fuyuki from GetBackers (guillotine chokes)
  • Day 9- Brazilian Jujitsu with 34-year-old Ban Mido from GetBackers (arm triangles)
  • Day 10- Judo with 33-year-old Ginji Amano from GetBackers (leg wheels)
  • Day 11- Kajukenbo with 30-year-old Kyuzo from Samurai 7 (check kicks)
  • Day 12- Qwan Ki Do with 30-year-old Heihachi Hayashida from Samurai 7 (spinning back kicks)
  • Day 13- Nippon Kenpo with 30-year-old Satella Harvenheit from Chrono Crusade (ox jaw strikes)
  • Day 14- Shorinji Kenpo with 28-year-old Akemi Takaishi from Shootfighter Tekken (palm heel strikes)
Week 3- The Quicksilver Quantums of Adachi: Missiles on Fire (Masaru, Tatsuya, Ryuichi, Mario, Hiroto, Sakurako, and Kuniko)
The previous week went as fast as any of the chokeholds, kicks, and strikes that Dudley and Daisy endured. Their seven children still cheered for their parents and continued to be well-fed with the finest international cuisine that Tokyo had to offer. There was no time for rest, as Dudley and Daisy proceeded to visit martial arts mentors famous for their military precision. Tales were told of Masaru Aoki’s toughness, Tatsuya Kimura’s focus, Ryuichi Hayami’s accuracy, Mario Musicanova’s leverage, Hiroto Amagiwa’s maneuvering, Sakurako Yukihira’s directness, and Kuniko’s agility, and those tales came to full-fledged fruition.
  • Day 15- Kamogawa Mixed Martial Boxing with 32-year-old Masaru Aoki from Hajime no Ippo (uppercuts)
  • Day 16- Kamogawa Mixed Martial Boxing with 32-year-old Tatsuya Kimura from Hajime no Ippo (hooks)
  • Day 17- Otowa Mixed Martial Boxing with 31-year-old Ryuichi Hayami from Hajime no Ippo (jabs)
  • Day 18- Luta Livre with 31-year-old Mario Musicanova from Geneshaft (armbars)
  • Day 19- Pancrase with 30-year-old Hiroto Amagiwa from Geneshaft (leglocks)
  • Day 20- Musti-yuddha with 28-year-old Sakurako Yukihira from Detective School Q (roundhouse kicks)
  • Day 21- Adithada with 26-year-old Kuniko Touya from Detective School Q (double flying kicks)
Week 4- The War Emperors of Edogawa: Mandate Execution (Yoshiki, Mamoru, Kuranosuke, Tsume, Kisuke, Mitsuhide, and Shinosuke)
Dudley and Daisy grew in precision and accuracy with their attacks. Their seven children not only noticed their parents’ growth as fighters, but they were also involved in the family business of picking up new techniques. Now, the anthropomorphic dog couple encountered intimidating and virile champions who were about to give them lessons in overpowering muscle in Yoshiki Takaishi’s and Mamoru Takamura’s cases and commanding strength in Kuranosuke Takeda’s, Tsume’s, Kisuke’s, Mitsuhide Kuroda’s, and Shinosuke’s cases, especially where Kuranosuke, Kisuke, and Shinosuke demand commitment to the process.
  • Day 22- Kapu Kuialua with 34-year-old Yoshiki Takaishi from Shootfighter Tekken (bearhugs)
  • Day 23- Kamogawa Mixed Martial Boxing with 34-year-old Mamoru Takamura from Hajime no Ippo (liver punches)
  • Day 24- Shoot Wrestling with 34-year-old Kuranosuke Takeda from Inuyasha (rear naked chokeholds)
  • Day 25- Vale Tudo with 33-year-old Tsume from Wolf’s Rain (fireman’s carries)
  • Day 26- Shootfighting with 33-year-old Kisuke from Inuyasha (double leg takedowns)
  • Day 27- Combat Sambo with 33-year-old Mitsuhide Kuroda from Shootfighter Tekken (underhooks)
  • Day 28- Shoot Boxing with 33-year-old Shinosuke from Inuyasha (overhooks)
Week 5- The Kings of Formidable Fists of Setogawa: Caged Muscles (Baki, Ryoma, Takeshi, Kiibo, Alexander, Ichiro, and Ippo)
The previous week’s sparring and training sessions were enough for Dudley’s and Daisy’s nerves to be as raw as fresh meat in a butcher’s shop, given all of the testosterone-laden attacks they had to endure. Even as they fed their children and cradled them to bed, they still felt so much pain. However, it was not over yet. Baki Hanma’s musclebound strength, Ryoma Sakamoto’s manly muscularity, Takeshi Sendo’s muscular toughness, Kiibo Miyazawa’s virile brawn, Alexander Volg Zangief’s steely intimidation, Ichiro Miyata’s icy determination, and Ippo Makunouchi’s fiery willpower were going test them in the mixed martial boxing cage.
  • Day 29- Total Fighting Mixed Martial Boxing with 32-year-old Baki Hanma from Baki the Grappler (double axe handles)
  • Day 30- Historical Pride FC Mixed Martial Boxing with 32-year-old Ryoma Sakamoto from Shura no Toki (ground-and-pounds)
  • Day 31- Naniwa Mixed Martial Boxing with 31-year-old Takeshi Sendo from Hajime no Ippo (hammer fists)
  • Day 32- Nanshin Shadow Mixed Martial Boxing with 31-year-old Kiichi “Kiibo” Miyazawa from Shootfighter Tekken (sprawl-and-brawls)
  • Day 33- Otowa Mixed Martial Boxing with 31-year-old Alexander Volg Zangief from Hajime no Ippo (rabbit punches)
  • Day 34- Kawahara Mixed Martial Boxing with 30-year-old Ichiro Miyata from Hajime no Ippo (bolo punches)
  • Day 35- Kamogawa Mixed Martial Boxing with 30-year-old Ippo Makunouchi from Hajime no Ippo (overhand punches)
Week 6- The Blood Empresses of Ota: Hell Hath No Fury and Rampage (Toran, Blue, Wakana, Mika, Enju, Karan, and Takako)
Dudley and Daisy always believed that every bruise, cut, and blister they acquired from the various punches and fist-related strikes were battle scars to be proud of, and they wore their battle scars with glee. With their punching repertoire gaining in momentum, coupled with some ground-and-pounds as well as some sprawl-and-brawls, they were enthusiastic for some more beatdowns. This time it was from the firebrands willing to dish out some hard pain, panic, and punishment in the forms of Toran, Blue, Wakana, Mike Seido, Enju, Karan, and Takako Kawashima. With the takedowns and striking ready, there was no rest for them.
  • Day 36- Krav Maga with 32-year-old Toran from Inuyasha (mounted chokes)
  • Day 37- Pencak Silat with 31-year-old Blue from Wolf’s Rain (circular throws)
  • Day 38- Systema with 30-year-old Wakana from Inuyasha (cervical locks)
  • Day 39- Jeet Kune Do with 30-year-old Mika Seido from Geneshaft (small joint manipulations)
  • Day 40- Bokator with 30-year-old Enju from Inuyasha (downward elbow strikes)
  • Day 41- Hapkido with 29-year-old Karan from Inuyasha (reverse punches)
  • Day 42- Taekwondo with 29-year-old Takako Kawashima from Shootfighter Tekken (calf kicks)
Week 7- The Queens of Scintillating Strikes of Machida: Potent Power (Rosé T, Rose A, Winry, Megumi, Maya, Solty, and Kaoru)
All the grappling and striking with those fiery firebrands might have made Dudley and Daisy feel like jelly, but they were anticipating another round of attacks from the next set of fierce fighter women. Even with the black eyes, bruises, and hoarse voices, Dudley’s and Daisy’s children were still cheering for them. It was their children’s encouragement that helped them be the superheroes that they needed. Rosé Thomas’s firmness, Rose Anderson’s resilience, Winry Rockbell’s stamina, Megumi Minami’s valor, Maya Orihara’s intuition, Solty Revant’s enthusiasm, and Kaoru Ichinose’s instinct also helped them thrive as fighters and parents.
  • Day 43- Yongmudo with 28-year-old Rosé Thomas from Fullmetal Alchemist (rotational wristlocks)
  • Day 44- Gongkwon Yusul with 27-year-old Rose Anderson from Solty Rei (supinating wristlocks)
  • Day 45- Kuk Sool Won with 26-year-old Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist (pronating wristlocks)
  • Day 46- Hwa Rang Do with 25-year-old Megumi Minami from Detective School Q (front snap kicks)
  • Day 47- Tang Soo Do with 25-year-old Maya Orihara from Ultra Maniac (spinning hook kicks)
  • Day 48- Kong Soo Do with 25-year-old Solty Revant from Solty Rei (spinning heel kicks)
  • Day 49- Soo Bakh Do with 25-year-old Kaoru Ichinose from Detective School Q (axe kicks)
Week 8- The Relentless Strikers of Shinagawa: Blood and Blossoms (Ichise, Kintaro, Kiba, Ran, Ayu, Nina, and Cheza)
No repose could ever come Dudley’s and Daisy’s way after a week of joint locks and kicks. There were evenings that they could barely sleep, for they slept only three to five hours a night, due to recovering from their trainings to the point where their children had to wake them up. Dudley and Daisy were especially excited to meet three male Nak Muay Farangs and four female capoeiristas who were renowned for their speedy precision. They anticipated Ichise’s sharp elbows, Kintaro Toyama’s rock-hard knees, Kiba’s steel shins, Ran’s speed, Ayu Tateishi’s acrobatics, Nina Sakura’s flexibility, and Cheza’s agility to give them more work.
  • Day 50- Muay Lopburi with 30-year-old Ichise from Texhnolyze (elbow slashes)
  • Day 51- Muay Korat with 30-year-old Kintaro Toyama from Detective School Q (horizontal elbows)
  • Day 52- Muay Chaiya with 29-year-old Kiba from Wolf’s Rain (spinning elbows)
  • Day 53- Capoeira Carioca with 25-year-old Ran from Texhnolyze (front push kicks)
  • Day 54- Capoeira Contemporânea with 25-year-old Ayu Tateishi from Ultra Maniac (scorpion kicks)
  • Day 55- Capoeira Regional with 25-year-old Nina Sakura from Ultra Maniac (compass crescent kicks)
  • Day 56- Capoeira Angola with 25-year-old Cheza from Wolf’s Rain (cartwheel kicks)
Week 9- The Explosive Attackers of Itabashi: Flames and Snow (Hige, Katsushiro, Joshua, Myu, Luna, Kirara, and Azmaria)
Dudley’s and Daisy’s elbows, knees, shins, and feet had a great workout, but steely limbs of iron also need to manage quickly in weapon disarming and self-defense. The constant zeal to learn more techniques remained alive and well in them and their children, who wanted to see their parents use their growing combat skills well. Enter Hige’s avidness, Katsushiro Okamoto’s clarity, Joshua Christopher’s conscientiousness, Myu’s flexibility, Luna’s precision, Kirara Mikumari’s fluidity, and Azmaria Hendric’s honed senses, which would be the best components for Dudley and Daisy to evade attacks and protect their dearest children.
  • Day 57- Bando with 29-year-old Hige from Wolf’s Rain (pressure point strikes to the throat)
  • Day 58- Shan Gyi with 27-year-old Katsushiro Okamoto from Samurai 7 (pressure point strikes to the chin)
  • Day 59- Pongyi Thaing with 26-year-old Joshua Christopher from Chrono Crusade (pressure point strikes to the temple)
  • Day 60- Kuntao with 25-year-old Myu from Wolf’s Rain (shoulder locks)
  • Day 61- Vovinam with 25-year-old Luna from Ultra Maniac (flying neck locks)
  • Day 62- Combat Hopak with 24-year-old Kirara Mikumari from Samurai 7 (spinning front kicks)
  • Day 63- Taekkyeon with 23-year-old Azmaria Hendric from Chrono Crusade (butterfly kicks)
Week 10- The Potent Rogues of Arakawa: Earthquake and Rain (Edward, Toboe, Alphonse, Lan Fan, Tiki, Mei Chang, and Leara)
Never in Dudley’s and Daisy’s life together as a married couple with seven children had they experienced that much limbering, stretching, and pressure-point numbing in their bodies than they endured last week. Last week’s sessions served as a reminder that they could never be too careful when dealing with armed and/or unarmed opponents. There was going to be more sessions revolving around real-life fighting outside the dojo’s comfort. Step in Edward Elric’s fierceness, Toboe’s energy, Alphonse Elric’s sharpness, Lan Fan’s kineticism, Tiki Musicanova’s acrobatics, Mei Chang’s persistence, and Leara’s rapidness to iron them up.
  • Day 64- American Kenpo Karate with 26-year-old Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (universal punches)
  • Day 65- American Tang Soo Do with 26-year-old Toboe from Wolf’s Rain (center punches)
  • Day 66- Shaolin Kenpo Karate with 25-year-old Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (side punches)
  • Day 67- Sin Moo Hapkido with 25-year-old Tiki Musicanova from Geneshaft (spinning back fists)
  • Day 68- Aikido S.A. with 24-year-old Lan Fan from Fullmetal Alchemist (finger strikes)
  • Day 69- Sli Beatha with 23-year-old Mei Chang from Fullmetal Alchemist (downward elbow strikes)
  • Day 70- Okichitaw with 23-year-old Leara from Wolf’s Rain (spear hand strikes)
Week 11- The Dukes of Doom of Toshima: Iron Malleability (Kurz, Atsunobu, Sousuke, Kyosuke, Rafael, Koji, and Hiroshi)
Fresh from two weeks of learning weapon evasion techniques, it was off to the kickboxing ring for both Dudley and Daisy. Damien, Darren, Dennis, David, and Devon always wanted to try out kickboxing styles when they grew up, as the first video they watched when they were babies was a YouTube video of Andy Hug fighting against Ernesto Hoost. Who else welcomed Dudley, Daisy, and their progeny than Kurz Weber’s ferocity, Atsunobu Hayashimizu’s charm, Sousuke Sagara’s military precision, Kyosuke Kano’s fieriness, Rafael Rodrigo da Silva’s quick timing, Koji Jefferson Sakai’s brilliance, and Hiroshi Ichikawa’s frisson to boost their spirits.
  • Day 71- Muay Lao with 31-year-old Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic (reverse horizontal elbows)
  • Day 72- Pradal Serey with 30-year-old Atsunobu Hayashimizu from Full Metal Panic (double elbow chops)
  • Day 73- Yaw-Yan with 29-year-old Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic (jump elbow chops)
  • Day 74- Sanda with 28-year-old Kyosuke Kano from Hungry Heart (straight punches)
  • Day 75- Dutch Kickboxing with 28-year-old Rafael Rodrigo da Silva from Hungry Heart (swing punches)
  • Day 76- American Kickboxing with 28-year-old Koji Jefferson Sakai from Hungry Heart (haymakers)
  • Day 77- Japanese Kickboxing with 28-year-old Hiroshi Ichikawa from Hungry Heart (cobra punches)
Week 12- The Vicious Kyokushin Princes of Akihabara: Steel Might (Shinji, Chrono, Syaoran, Eriol, Ryu, Kyu, and Kazuma)
Neither eviscerating elbows nor pulverizing punches nor kinetic kicks were going to get Dudley and Daisy down. The thought of enduring more full-contact hits from Kyokushin Karate’s many descendants might have scared them, but it drove them to get back on their feet and continue demonstrating their mettle. Shinji Kazama’s sharp mind, Chrono’s quick reflexes, Li Syaoran’s unwavering toughness, Eriol Hiragizawa’s unfathomable steeliness, Ryu Amakusa’s focused brutality, Kyu Renjo’s righteous ferocity, and Kazuma Narusawa’s silent intimidation surged into Dudley and Daisy to muster up more fighting spirit to the nines.
  • Day 78- Kudo with 29-year-old Shinji Kazama from Full Metal Panic (scissor punches)
  • Day 79- Ashihara Karate with 28-year-old Chrono from Chrono Crusade (roundhouse punches)
  • Day 80- Enshin Karate with 27-year-old Li Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura (double fist punches)
  • Day 81- Seidokaikan Karate with 27-year-old Eriol Hiragizawa from Cardcaptor Sakura (snap punches)
  • Day 82- Shidokan Karate with 26-year-old Ryu Amakusa from Detective School Q (lunge punches)
  • Day 83- Satojuku Karate with 25-year-old Kyu Renjo from Detective School Q (mountain punches)
  • Day 84- Seido Juku Karate with 23-year-old Kazuma Narusawa from Detective School Q (mountain punches)
Week 13- The Countesses of Chaos of Minato: Titanium Reflexes (Himiko, Beatrice, Remmy, Natsumi, Kaname, Tessa, and Mizuki)
Recovering from Kyokushin Karate’s descendants’ blows was easier said than done for Dudley and Daisy to the point where their darling children yelled loudly for their parents to greet the day. Despite being only two years old, Dorothy and Dominique wanted to learn Kyokushin Karate and its descendants. Their parents promised their little girls that they would do it when they reached the right age. Himiko Kudou’s tactfulness, Beatrice Ratio’s deadliness, Remmy Levi-Strauss’s intellect, Natsumi Mizuki’s ebullience, Kaname Chidori’s ambition, Tessa Testarossa’s aptness, and Mizuki Inaba’s nimbleness were next in line for more combat.
  • Day 85- Goju-Ryu Karate with 30-year-old Himiko Kudou from GetBackers (ridge hand strikes)
  • Day 86- Chanquan with 30-year-old Beatrice Ratio from Geneshaft (knife hand strikes)
  • Day 87- Bajiquan with 29-year-old Remmy Levi-Strauss from Geneshaft (double fist punches)
  • Day 88- Hung Gar with 29-year-old Natsumi Mizuki from GetBackers (leopard blows)
  • Day 89- Baguazhang with 29-year-old Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic (collapsing palm strikes)
  • Day 90- Wing Chun with 29-year-old Teletha “Tessa” Testarossa from Full Metal Panic (chain punches)
  • Day 91- Savate with 28-year-old Mizuki Inaba from Full Metal Panic (shin kicks)
Week 14- The Fine Shotokan Princesses of Shibuya: Platinum Strikes (Eclair, Rosette, Sakura, Tomoyo, Meiling, Lumière, and Claus)
After enduring a whole bevy of strikes, punches, and kicks last week, Dudley and Daisy were now at the final week of martial arts training. All their seven children were extremely elated to see their parents endure, survive, and thrive as martial artists and as total fighting heroes. All Dudley and Daisy needed to do was to face Eclair’s might, Rosette Christopher’s rambunctiousness, Sakura Kinomoto’s honor, Tomoyo Daidouji’s benevolent attitude, Meiling Li’s confidence, Lumière’s cooperative spirit, and Claus’s charismatic motions, and they would finally complete their training. Nevertheless, they were still learning and growing.
  • Day 92- Kyokushin Karate with 28-year-old Eclair from Kiddy Grade (tiger’s mouth strikes)
  • Day 93- Yoshukai Karate with 27-year-old Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade (bear hand strikes)
  • Day 94- Shotokan Karate with 26-year-old Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura (open fist strikes)
  • Day 95- Uechi-Ryu Karate with 26-year-old Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura (forefinger knuckle strikes)
  • Day 96- Shuri-Ryu Karate with 26-year-old Meiling Li from Cardcaptor Sakura (back hand strikes)
  • Day 97- Wado-Ryu Karate with 22-year-old Lumière from Kiddy Grade (goose neck strikes)
  • Day 98- Shito-Ryu Karate with 22-year-old Claus from Fullmetal Alchemist (sword arm strikes)
Dudley and Daisy were elated, relieved, and happy that they were able to complete fourteen weeks of martial arts training. Despite the eviscerating pain, the sleepless nights, and the insane amount of soreness all over their bodies, they were still able to thrive exceedingly well as martial artists. Damien, Darren, Dennis, David, Devon, Dorothy, and Dominique were proud of their parents for striving through their ordeals while doing everything possible to take care of them and inspire them to be the stronger fighters that they were. With heavy hearts and tears flowing from their eyes, the Puppy family bid goodbye to all of their mentors and hoped to see them next time. At least, Dudley and Daisy could have a long-haul flight back to the United States of America to recover, unwind, and still give a lot of love to their darling children. The End.

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