This is What Weight Loss Looks and Feels Like

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow artists, actors, singers, voiceover artists, reviewers, online personalities, television personalities, academics, friends, family members, and all my loved ones, I present my torrid yet rewarding odyssey of losing weight. From 2019 to this year, I have hurled obesity out of my door for good. The journey has been arduous, but I feel happier and healthier.

Sure, my lightest weight this year was 10 stone 5 pounds (145 pounds or 66 kilograms), as my last photo is evidence of my recent achievement. However, I was complacent and ballooned back to my heaviest weight this year of 12 stone 2.6 pounds (170.6 pounds or 77.4 kilograms) last July. At least this recent blunder served as a sobering reminder that I had to keep picking up the pace of my weight loss progress by doing way more exercise than last year, let alone the previous months.

There have been fringe benefits, though. As of this month, I have gone down to 11 stone 9.4 pounds (163.4 pounds or 74.1 kilograms), thus maintaining my overall 5-stone 8.3-pound (78.3-pound or 35.5-kilogram) weight loss for two years straight. My blood pressure is no longer high, but I must reduce my relatively high uric acid levels. Several clothes that were once too tight to fit ended up either loose on me or comfortably fitting. I walk and run faster than I ever did on my journeys from home to the university and many other destinations within Berlin. Many of my loved ones have been remarking that I look good and should maintain weight. These are phenomenal, but I know I can do more to be the slimmer man I should be. The numbers that I am looking at range between a 6-pound (2.7-kilogram) to a 3-stone 5-pound (47-pound or 21.3-kilogram) weight loss to maintain my healthy weight range. I remain steadfast in my resolve to continue losing as much weight as possible.

Thank you all for your constant encouragement throughout my journey thus far, and I will continue to live as healthily as possible. That is a promise I shall gladly keep to you all.

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