Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Movie Review

Apparently, some of the things I criticized were “explained” in the novelization, but it seems that’s the case in so much that a lot of people complained about a lot of this movie’s plot holes and they did their best to “fix” it. How much better is it that they do explain “oh yeah, all those characters you know and love? Died horribly” and “that scene in the movie actually was filmed wrong, the bomb was swapped with the important fragile macguffin, it didn’t just go off and then the macguffin was picked up later, completely unharmed.”

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  1. I gave up on the Resident Evil movies after the third one. The storyline seemed to make less sense as it went on, and felt like they were just making things up as they went along.
    And yes, trying to explain plot holes in a novelization instead of the movie itself usually does not work. An infamous attempt at doing so occurred in the novelization of the movie Jaws: The Revenge, whose ludicrous premise involved a shark seeking revenge against the relatives of Martin Brody – mostly people who’ve never personally done anything to the shark or its kin.
    There’s no explanation as to why a shark would be doing this in the movie itself, but the novel explained that it was because of a ‘voodoo curse’. I kid you not. This only led to further questions, such as how, when, and why such a curse was placed in the first place. As a result, TV Tropes and fork sites like Tropedia and All the Tropes refer to instances involving nonsensical attempts to address plot holes (that only raise further questions) as a Voodoo Shark.
    And there are plenty of examples of it in TV, movies, and other forms of entertainment.

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