Inu ‘n Ray a la Frank ‘n Faunt

This “Friendship Reminds Me of Another Friendship” meme originally belongs to Baltofan95 and is dedicated to all of the wonderful people who fancy the thought of Inuyasha and Raymond being best friends, brothers from another mother, and the overall definition of beautiful bodacious bromance on the level of Jason David Frank’s and Jason Faunt’s real-life brotherhood. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my sentiments on how I think that Inuyasha’s and Raymond’s brotherhood is akin to Hanshi Frank’s and Coach Faunt’s brotherhood, considering that the late, great Jason David Frank would have celebrated his 50th birthday two days ago. May his power protect us all, his family, his friends, and, most of all, his brother from another mother Coach Jason Faunt.

Inuyasha is definitely the Jason David Frank to Raymond’s Jason Faunt. I could end it from here, but there is a lot more to unwrap in how these two precious brotherhoods reflect each other in the most positive way. In my Mighty Morphin’ Inurangers AU headcanon, Inuyasha combines the original leader status of Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott from Seasons 1 to 2 and the amalgamated greatest Power Ranger of all time as well as the leader status of Jason David Frank as Tommy from Seasons 2 to 3, thus making him the Inuranger with the most appearances. Accompanying Inuyasha as the Jason David Frank in this dynamic duo is Raymond as the Jason Faunt. Raymond may not be directly involved in my Inurangers AU headcanon, as opposed to how Jason Faunt is directly involved in the Power Rangers franchise, but he would be a recurring character who is great friends with the seven Inurangers almost like a combination of Ernie and Richie. Outside of Inurangers, Inuyasha and Raymond would have a very close friendship, camaraderie, and brotherhood akin to Jason David Frank and Jason Faunt.

Inuyasha being the Jason David Frank to Raymond’s Jason Faunt involves with how ingrained they are in their respective franchises. If you have been following my Inurangers AU headcanon, you would be aware that Inuyasha is the Red Tyrannosaurus Inuranger who combines Jason’s leadership as the original Red Ranger with Tommy’s legendary status as the greatest Ranger of all time plus leadership as the White Tigerzord Ranger from Seasons 2 to 3 and the Red Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo. Hence, it would come as no surprise to anybody that Inuyasha would be the best choice to lead the succeeding Red Inurangers from the Toonami Era in my version of “Forever Red” akin to what Tommy did against the Machine Empire. However, that is another story worth delving into in the future. Inuyasha, like Frank in real life, is indubitably the face of the Inurangers franchise from his multiple appearances to his overall legacy. Meanwhile, non-Inuranger Raymond is a staunch ally and brotherly friend to the Inurangers, despite Faunt in real life being a well-established as Red Ranger Wes Collins since Power Rangers Time Force.

Another similarity that Inuyasha’s and Raymond’s bromance has with Frank’s and Faunt’s real-life bromance is how closely they are ingrained in physical activities, martial arts, and athletics. Hanshi Frank had been in the martial arts world since he was a toddler and started with Shotokan Karate before practicing other martial arts such as Brazilian Jujitsu, thus creating his hybrid martial art Toso Kune Do, meaning “way of the fighting fist”, and had a go at Mixed Martial Arts. Coach Faunt, prior to his acting career, was involved in baseball, basketball, and football and even played baseball during his college years. Similar to Frank’s martial arts expertise, Inuyasha has been a Pankration champion since childhood with a background in Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Combat Sambo, Kapu Kuialua, Ssireum, Ancient Greek Boxing, and Ancient Greek Wrestling. Faunt’s athletic and fitness background also reflects on Raymond who is a bodybuilder and gym instructor with experience in weightlifting. Therefore, Frank’s and Inuyasha’s combat experience plus Faunt’s and Raymond’s sportsmanship show their great physical prowess.

While Frank and Faunt would always exercise their exceptional bromance on social media with the hashtag #franknfaunt, Inuyasha and Raymond would do the same thing with #inunray. Those hashtags may not appear to be much, but they show the closeness and camaraderie for each other. They also demonstrate a certain playfulness that both brothers from other mothers have for each other when they work together. For instance, in the behind-the-scenes look into Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s 25th Anniversary special, there were occasions when Frank and Faunt would have a laugh, especially when the latter had his humorous moments with the rest of the cast, and he would launch into his trademark #fauntlaugh. Raymond, being the charismatic gentleman that he is, would also partake in Inuyasha’s behind-the-scenes look into his upcoming martial arts tournaments while having a laugh when something humorous emerges, thus having his trademark #raychuckle. There is no doubt that both sets of brothers from other mothers would exercise their epic bromance on social media for the world to see.

Frank and Faunt are gentlemen who have also cultivated their lives as family men married with fine wives and wonderful children of their own. Inuyasha and Raymond are also the type of gentlemen who have found themselves in loving conjugal relationships with exceptional wives and equally wonderful children of their own, thus also cultivating their lives as family men. As Inuyasha is a fictional parallel to Jason David Frank and the image he has established as a veteran Power Rangers actor and martial arts superstar, he has been married to Ayame for twenty-eight years with fourteen children consisting of seven strappingly strong sons and seven delightfully determined daughters. Inuyasha’s main martial art may be Pankration, but Ayame’s is Kyuk Too Ki and their children practice various striking and grappling martial arts. Raymond captures Faunt’s sportsman charisma as a patriarch greatly in terms of him being married to Alex for eighteen years with seven children, consisting of five splendid sons and two darling daughters. Inuyasha and Raymond are handsome family men just like Frank and Faunt.

Inuyasha’s and Raymond’s friendship, bromance, and brotherhood are reflective of Jason David Frank’s and Jason Faunt’s in terms of their firm association with their respective franchises, experiences as athletes, great sense of camaraderie, and unbreakable images as family men. Inuyasha being a long-lasting Inuranger with Raymond as one of his closest friends and an overall ally to the Inurangers is akin to Frank’s long-lasting tenure as Tommy Oliver with Faunt joining alongside him as Wes Collins in a good number of Power Ranger team-up specials. This is also true of Inuyasha’s and Raymond’s experiences in the physical fields they are in, with the former’s being in Pankration and the latter’s being in bodybuilding, akin to how Frank’s expertise in Shotokan Karate and Faunt’s penchant for baseball define their individual passions. Their respective fans and viewers would also revel in both of their bromances on social media, with #franknfaunt and #inunray being the talks of the town. Finally, the love that they have for their families as family men also solidifies what makes their respective brotherhoods strong.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, please keep Jason David Frank’s legacy and his beautifully epic brotherhood with Jason Faunt alive in your memories, and keep on showing your support for Inuyasha and Raymond as a pair of brothers from another mother in the style of Frank and Faunt, everybody. #franknfaunt and #inunray for the win, everybody.

Inuyasha from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Raymond from Totally Spies belongs to Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel, and Marathon Media.

The images of Jason David Frank and Jason Faunt belong to Jason Faunt and various owners.

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