Prelude to a Punishing Pummeling Session

This edited screenshot comic is dedicated to all of my friends, fellow artists, fans, and brethren who fancy the idea of having Inuyasha and Raymond be best friends and brothers from other mothers. Sit back, relax, and revel in Inuyasha introducing Raymond to his world of eviscerating pain.

It is often said that Inuyasha’s training sessions can range from being tough as nails to ruthlessly sadistic. Given his experience growing up with the Northern Yoro Tribe, specifically with The Wolf Elder and the various wolf Yokai warriors, and his intense training in Pankration, Combat Sambo, Ssireum, Kapu Kuialua, Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Ancient Greek Wrestling, and Ancient Greek Boxing from various warriors from not only his native Japan but also from Greece, South Korea, Russia, and Hawaii, he knows exactly what he is doing as a warrior and as a person. Those who endure Inuyasha’s brutal training sessions may have a slight chance of survival, but it is to test how far the fighting spirit can go. One of his best friends forever, Raymond, is about to have his handsomely sculpted muscles put to the test under Inuyasha’s brutal pummeling. It is going to be a turbulent ride from here on in, and this bodybuilder/gym instructor from Beverly Hills will learn what it is like to endure the dog Yokai Pankratiast from Tokyo’s unrelenting physical training that is akin to being mauled by lions, tigers, and bears. Oh, my.

Tune into the next edited screenshot comic to see how Inuyasha readies Raymond for an intense beatdown. Take care, stay safe, and know fully well that you cannot escape Inuyasha’s training sessions, everybody.

Inuyasha from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Raymond from Totally Spies belongs to Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel, and Marathon Media.

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