This “What If Couple Relationship” meme originally belongs to KIRA8675309 and is dedicated to all the wonderful shippers, partisans, and loyalists of the following couples: Inuyasha x Ayame from Inuyasha, Superman x Wonder Woman from DC Comics, and Ka-Zar x Shanna from Marvel. Sit back, relax, and revel in how this mighty power couple consisting of a dog yokai Alpha Male king and a wolf yokai warrior queen can merge Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s mythically Olympian formidability with Ka-Zar’s and Shanna’s ferally muscular jungle sensuality to make their own brand of spicily warlike intimacy.

I always argue that out of all the DC Comics and Marvel superhero couples, Inuyasha and Ayame would easily emulate Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s super strength plus Ka-Zar’s and Shanna’s warlike wildness the most. There is no doubt that Superman’s Herculean strength, Ka-Zar’s magnificent muscles, Wonder Woman’s incredible combat prowess, and Shanna’s limbering limbs are going to make Inuyasha and Ayame far more formidable than they are not only as mighty yokai martial artists but also as a power couple. Olympian physical prowess aside, Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s unbreakable fidelity plus Ka-Zar’s and Shanna’s exciting intimacy enable Inuyasha and Ayame to remain passionately devoted toward each other, thus being an inseparable couple unafraid to profess their undying love for each other and have each other’s best interests at heart. Both Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as Ka-Zar and Shanna, would be happy to witness Inuyasha and Ayame be strong and supportive parents to all fourteen children consisting of seven super strong sons and seven dedicatedly determined daughters.

Moving majestic mountains, curb-stomping callous criminals, and showing sterling strength are Superman and Wonder Woman who can give the Pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses a run for their money. The son of Krypton and the Amazonian warrior princess certainly have it made as a mightily powerful couple whose super strength is coupled with their mission for world peace, justice, liberty, and benevolence for everybody. Neither felon nor monster is safe when Superman and Wonder Woman unleash their righteous fury and magnificent strength onto them and hand them over to the authorities for good old-fashioned punishment. When this DC superhero couple is done with their duty for the day, their nights of passion are guaranteed to be warm, spicy, exciting, and elating until they fall asleep. Furthermore, Superman and Wonder Woman would be the type of couple to have multiple children who can prolong their parents’ legacy. Where Inuyasha and Ayame are concerned, they would emulate Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s strength and justice for their tribespeople and for their children with all their hearts.

Making a mighty presence as the king and queen of the Savage Lands are Ka-Zar and Shanna who combine their different styles of athleticism and combat prowess to protect their people from invaders and pillagers. No evil sorcerer, terrifying demon, and vile predator can ever break this mighty couple, as well as the people they govern, because Ka-Zar has the mightily magnificent muscles to crush his enemies, while Shanna has the lusciously limbering limbs to give her enemies a good beating up. Aside from being powerful leaders with abundant physical prowess capable of crushing pillagers and hunting predators down, both Ka-Zar and Shanna are one with nature, considering their deep bond with every living being in their jungle home. They also define jungle-fever levels of deep intimacy and unconditional love, thus also making them capable of producing several strong heirs worthy of succeeding the Savage Land throne. No doubt would Inuyasha and Ayame emulate Ka-Zar’s and Shanna’s feral regalness as the Northern Yoro Tribe’s king and queen while also looking up to their sense of deep intimacy and unconditional sensuality.

Both superhero couples have their work cut out in turning Inuyasha and Ayame into a more formidable warrior couple worthy of honor, respect, and emulation. Superman and Ka-Zar would go out of their way to provide Inuyasha an intense muscle-building program consisting of bench presses, deadlifts, ab crunches, cross-training, and loads of matches in Ancient Greek wrestling, Pankration, Combat Sambo, and Ssireum to make sure that he has a muscularly Herculean body to give his enemies a good crushing with his bulging biceps and radical wrestling moves, as well as to flaunt his muscular body to his precious Ayame. Wonder Woman and Shanna would never hold back with their sparring sessions with Ayame in Pankration, Ancient Greek boxing, Dutch Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Western boxing to further solidify Ayame’s fists and feet of iron. Moreover, Superman and Wonder Woman plus Ka-Zar and Shanna would always ensure that both Inuyasha and Ayame are not only physically prepared to defeat invaders but also ensure they are physically strong for each other.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Inuyasha and Ayame would have a relationship akin to Superman x Wonder Woman and Ka-Zar x Shanna, thanks to combining super strength, unparalleled physical prowess, incredible combat skills, and spicily sexy sensuality. Nothing can ever knock Inuyasha and Ayame down as an amazing power couple. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and always show your love and support for Inuyasha and Ayame as a power couple, everybody.

Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Superman and Wonder Woman belong to DC Comics.

Ka-Zar and Shanna belong to Marvel.

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